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Jeni and Qew

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Name: Jeni


Age: 11


Appearance: Jeni is scrawny for her age, and a little short. Her brown hair is shoulder-length and messy, her eyes are blue, and she has freckles. She wears scuffed tennis shoes, a pair of well-worn jeans, and a turtleneck underneath a sweater her mom knitted for her. Sure, she gets teased for that a little, but not too much that she won't wear it. She also carries a very full backpack.


Background: She doesn't want to talk about it?  Maybe?  She doesn't know if she's supposed to. Not yet. She hasn't gotten too far in the book yet, and it might be one of the things against the rules. She doesn't know what happens if you break the rules, either. But it's probably not that great, right?




Name: Qew (Pronounced "Q")


Age: 1 year


Appearance: Orange fur, four legs and a tail.  Very fluffy.


Background: Meow.

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