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Twin Moons Society: Hidden Mystery

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Twin Moons Society: Hidden Mystery Game Guide

Twin Moons is yet another hidden object game published by G5 Games. This one is developed by Cateia.
Game page for Twin Moons
Twin Moons is available for iOS, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Windows.

Game Story

The story behind the game is that your father has gone missing. He's a famous researcher who devoted his life to exploring mysterious portals. Now your objective is to explore these portals to find him.

Twin Moons now has 26 portals, or locations, to explore. It also has three puzzles to play: Entanglement, Match 3 and Memory. In general I find the locations harder than the scenes from Secret Society, G5's most popular game. As with their other games, there is a story behind the game, so you have a journal to read and there are characters to give you quests. I particularly like the mechanism for opening new locations. You have to complete a series of tasks for a character that is trapped in the location. The tasks themselves are little puzzles that you have to figure out. Once you complete the tasks, the location is open for exploration, at which point it will cost energy and possibly require access items.
G5 has continued to refine the Friends system, which allows you to exchange gifts in the form of chargers and collection items. I will explain both terms below, but briefly, once you have found the items for a collection, you combine them into an item that will reward you with something. You can obtain tools, talismans, energy items and coins by combining collections. Some collection items can also be combined into artifacts, which are strong talismans.
Currently Twin Moons does not have a wiki. I will post more information here as time permits. Feel free to post any questions you have about the game in this thread.

Game Play

Basically you search a location to find all the items listed at the bottom of the screen. You can also play one of the puzzles. If you have a quest associated with the location or puzzle, you have a chance of finding the item specified. You will also find a variety of other collection items and chargers each time you play the location or puzzle.

Portals (Locations)

Here are all the locations in the game as of version 0.8.705:

Abandoned Farm
Antique Shop
Cabinet of Tricks
Carol Station
Christmas Market
Fountain of Youth
Haunted House
Kung fu Palace
Magic Garden
Mummy's Tomb
Nana's Kitchen
Pagoda Garden
Pilgrim Town
Ruined Temple
Santa's Workshop
Sky City
Tea House
Viking Village
Wigwam Village
Witch's Hut


Twin Moons has three puzzles called Memory, Match 3 and Entanglement.
Memory is a card matching puzzle in which you have to flip over cards to find matching pairs. In the beginning levels, there are a limited number of pairs. As you advance in level, the game becomes more difficult with more matching pairs.

Match 3 has a grid of gems of various colours. You need to slide the gems horizontally or vertically to create a chain of at least three gems of the same colour. When you create a chain of three matching gems, the chain disappears and the other gems in the grid cascade down, bringing more gems into the grid. The objective is to clear all the squares with a dark background by having those squares in a chain at least once. Some squares require two or three matches to clear. If you create a chain of four or more gems, you get a power gem in return. I'll add more details about the power gems in a future update.

Entanglement is a tangled strings puzzle. You need to move the nodes so that the strings no longer cross each other. The blue nodes can't be moved. The key to this puzzle is to move the nodes with lots of strings to the middle and move the nodes attached to the blue nodes outside, close to the blue node or nodes it's attached to. The strings will change colour to indicate how many crossing strings there are. Once the string turns green, it's good, there are no crossing strings.

Collection Items


You'll find the game easier to play if you have some friends. You make friends by using the Invite Friends button from the Friends screen. If you know the login name of another player, you can type it into the box and click the Invite button to send them an invite. Otherwise you can click on the Other Players button at the top of the Friends screen to get a list of random players. Click on the ones you wish to send an invitation to and click on Invite at the bottom of the screen. There's also a list of your friends from other G5 games if you play any of their other games. I don't recommend using that option because it will invite them to download the game if they don't play it already, which is rather annoying.

Sending Gifts

The main reason for getting friends is to exchange gifts. Gifts come in two types: Chargers, which are free to give, and Collection Items, which will come out of your inventory. Free items don't have a number next to the item icon, whereas Collection Items will have a number next to the item icon which tells you how many of those items you have. You can put both kinds of items on your Wish List, which tells your friends which items you need. Chargers are fairly hard to come by in the game, so having a good group of friends who will send you the items you need is very helpful.

When you send a Charger to a friend, you won't get anything in return unless your friend reciprocates. You should regularly go through and send gifts to all your friends. You can click on an item in your friend's Wish List to send that item to them. You'll likely find yourself "un-friended" if you just accept your friends' gifts and don't send them something in return.

When you send a Collection Item to a friend, your friend will thank you for your gift and that will send a gift back to you. It might be a Charger and since Chargers are hard to come by and you can only put five items on your Wish List, players often send Collection Items to each other. Once you've played for a while, you'll likely have hundreds of items from some collections, like Baby Play, so there are many players who regularly send five items from this collection to some of their other friends.


Your gift inbox holds 50 gifts. If your friends try to send you a gift once your inbox is full, the item won't be sent. I have had some gifts trickle in after I emptied my inbox, so the game may hold on to the extra gifts on the server. I'm not sure about that.

I'm not sure what the limit is for sending free gifts each day. It used to be 50 gifts, but I have more than 50 friends and I can send a free gift to everybody. I'll update this once I find out what the limit is.

You can send ten Collection Items to each friend each day. You can send a total of 50 Collection Items per day altogether.

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