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Daggerfall Dev

Daggerfall Heightmap (WIP)

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testlogoq_by_daggerfallteam-dau89hb.png          This Heightmap features High Rock & Hammerfell along with the Colovian Highlands.




Some Screenshot


Rough view of Hammerfell & the Colovian Highlands




The semi-peak of Dragontail Mountain, High Rock is to the Left but it cannot be seen from this angle




A View of the Brena River






Heightmap of Daggerfall


This is still a (WIP) I will update it once I figure out how to import it back into L3DT without it being funky.  Anyone can use this Heightmap all I ask is credit!


Screenshots & Distant LOD was Generated by mathew1800

Edited by Daggerfall Dev

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