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[RELz] Ancient Foes

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File Name: Ancient Foes

File Submitter: Darkelfguy

File Submitted: 14 Jan 2017

File Category: Quests


Along the northern coast of the Sheogorad, a lone cottage sits isolated from the world, where time seemingly passes by unnoticed. Here lives the reclusive Odmlir Wulfharth, a warrior of the famed Nordic Wulfharth clan who resides all alone in this barren landscape, but this is no simple hermit seeking isolation. No, Odmlir's true purpose is far, far different, he searches for the relics of the past, a missing history of his family's name, but what dark secrets await him in the Sheogorad, and what will his searching awaken? Will you grant Odmlir his true desire? Or will you be the one to drive home the blade and put an end to the Wulfharth name? Well now, that's up to you, the player, to decide and find out for yourself!

Ancient Foes is a classic quest and dungeon mod for you to explore and fight through, including one new modest-sized dungeon recommended for players levels 20 and above. There's a lot of background story here, and Odmlir Wulfharth is a fully fleshed out character with many secrets of his own, and in the end, your decisions will decide his fate, for good or ill.

To find Odmlir's cottage, explore the coasts of the Sheogorad west, and slightly north of Dagon Fel. You'll find it almost directly north of the mushroom forest on the main island of the Sheogorad region. Remember to keep an eye out for documents that might open up additional mini-quests.

*Cleaned with Morrowind Enchanted Editor*


- One New Modest-Sized Dungeon
- Two Quests
- Over 8,000 words of creative writing with dialogue, flavor documents and journals for you to discover
- A Potential Player-Home (if you play your cards right)
- Multiple Endings
- Large Fights, Recommended for Levels 20+
- Compatible with Morrowind Rebirth

Video Showcase

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Nice addition DEG! :D


I'm gonna to give it a try in my next game!  Thanks for hosting it here. :cowboy:

Melchior Dahrk

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I had a lot of fun playing through this quest. Very well executed with both design and dialogue, Darkelfguy. Good to see you still being able to find some time for modding!

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