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The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure

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This game is hard. No, this game is bloody hard! Seriously. I have a severe love-hate relationship with this game. I have gotten so frustrated with this game that I have literally thrown my iPad in frustration. Not far, but I did throw it. :P So why do I keep playing? No, I'm not a masochist. It's because the game has a unique play dynamic that's incredibly addictive.

This is another game from G5 Games. They don't say who the developer is, so it might be developed by G5 as well. It's not one of their typical hidden object games, though.


I tried typing up a premise, but I'm terrible at summarizing plots, so I will quote G5's synopsis:


Victorian London is experiencing an invasion of malevolent phantoms. The government officially denies it but has secretly asked the Paranormal Society for help. As a young wife who witnessed your husband's spirit leave his body to join other phantoms, you become the newest member of the Paranormal Society in order to get answers.

Basically your character contacts the Paranormal Society for help and they testily respond that they aren't ghost hunters. Your character says that she is willing to help if they will help her and it turns out that they are short-handed, so they agree to her terms.


As I said earlier, this isn't a typical hidden object game. In fact, the "typical" hidden object game is a puzzle in this game. The main game consists of locations in the city of Victorian London, but you have to find the tools needed to progress in the scene. You aren't given a list. Instead, you click on a container and an icon pops up with an image of the container that has the tool you need, or if you have the tool in your inventory already, it pops up an image of the tool. "Containers" can be a variety of items, including birds sitting on a nest that need seed to take flight and expose the nest, in which you can find a key or tool. You proceed through the scene by finding the tools and keys you need to access all the containers and ultimately find the data about the phantom or the tools to dispel phantoms. The locations are in two modes. There's either a phantom in the scene that you need to dispel or the scene doesn't have a phantom and you're exploring it to get the tools and collection items you need.

The real challenge in this game are the mini puzzles and all the running around you need to do to collect the items to finish the scene. There is no set list of items to find. Instead you need to determine the items you need by clicking on the active areas in the scene and finding the active areas is one of the major challenges in the game. If you just start clicking on everything you will incur time penalties which can lead to failure in completing the scene. I will post screenshots for all scenes with the active areas marked.

You will not succeed in exploring locations within the time limit all the time. Failing to complete a location is normal in this game. You will spend a lot of real money on this game if you want to purchase all the tools you would need to finish all the time. I really do not recommend that. It would be hundreds of dollars or Euros. I started this game once, spent a couple of dollars on consumables and used them all up very quickly. When I got to the point where I could no longer proceed, I deleted the game and started over. I have only spent $1.57 on my new game and won't spend any more real money. I am doing better on my second play-through and have earned enough consumables within the game to keep going.


Granny Faulery's
This is the first location that you explore in the game. It's an easy location with the lowest energy cost.

Joey's Food Store

Mr. Kipple's

Fiesta Inn

Samuel Dodgeton's

The Sheep Tavern

Bank of Britain

Grey Horse

Pinkerton's Pies
This is the hardest location and the second most expensive in terms of energy cost to explore.

Seren Bowen's
This is the newest location that was introduced in the Christmas 2016 update. Unfortunately it was part of a Christmas challenge that was impossible to complete. It had a very short timeline and it needed bulbs to play, which you could only get by playing a location with no phantom present. I complained to G5 and Apple about this, but I have no idea if anything will be done until we get a new challenge.
This location has the highest energy cost to explore.

Hidden Object Puzzles
I will post pictures with all the objects highlighted.
Tangled Strings Puzzle
Combination Lock Puzzle
Rotating Lock Puzzle
I call this one the puzzle from hell. This is the puzzle that will usually cause you to fail the location as you struggle to solve it. I will post pictures and tips on how to solve it.



Friends and Gifting

The friends system in Paranormal Society uses the new format for G5 games. A friend in one game is automatically a friend in every G5 game that you play. I don't like this system for a couple of reasons. The main issue is that you can't delete an application permanently on Apple mobile devices, so I have people sending me gifts on games I no longer play. This doesn't affect me, but I'm sure I have a lot of friends who would love to delete me from those games and can't because they would be deleting me from all games. I have the same problem with friends in Paranormal Society. I would like to delete a couple but can't because they are also friends in Twin Moons.

The new friend format does have a chat feature, but players rarely use it. I have tried using it, but have never gotten a reply.

The main reason for having friends is to trade gifts. In Paranormal Society ALL gifts are FREE. This means that items that you send to your friends do NOT come out of your inventory. You can't gift collection items in Paranormal Society at this time. You can add items that you need to your wish list and if your friend is at a high enough level, they can send one item per day. In Paranormal Society you can also send tea, which restores energy. This is very handy gift since energy restoratives are in short supply.

Paranormal Society doesn't have any achievements or trophies so you can't visit your friends. It would be nice if locations could be "charged" so that you get more rewards or it's easier to find a collection item, but none of that structure exists.


There are some bugs in this game, as usual. G5 seems to have fixed a couple that I had previously, so I'll only list the bugs I regularly encounter.

  • Game doesn't remember collection sorting setting. If you sort your collections, the collections nearest completion are listed first.
  • There's a mouse hole in the Bank of Britain that needs cheese to access even though no mouse is present. There used to be a mouse in the hole, but he went missing as of the latest update.

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Another game that G5 broke. They removed all the little puzzles/mini games and completely changed the game play. I deleted this one ages ago and forgot about this thread. Closing thread and will delete shortly.

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