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[RELz] Master of Ambition

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File Name: Master of Ambition

File Submitter: WhiskeySykes

File Submitted: 16 Mar 2017

File Category: Mods


This is a beta (v. 0.6.2) compilation of Hayabusa Sushi's Ambition, and Weierstrass' Master of Strategy, elapsing the years of 1545 and 1615. There are 12 turns /year, across 70 years, making for a total of 840 turns. Realm Divide has not been changed yet, so you will incur the wrath of the Ashikaga after taking just 15 provinces (this is to change), even though the Expanded Japan map contains over 100 provinces. Another note before I continue, please direct your questions, queries, and tirades to the Total War Center Shogun 2/Mods/Overhauls forum topic. I'll be there, or at the Shogun 2 Nexus, where all issues may be confronted, concerns addressed, and suggestions regarded. Just, please be considerate, and keep suggestions succinct. Thank you, and read the Read Me!


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