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[BUG] One extra recruitment slot for Prussia in Empire TW

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The other day I discover this bug while playing ETF and I don't think anyone have notice that before at least I haven't, which I find to be remarkable for a bug to be discovered after more than 8 years since ETW came out 2009.


I checked this with mods and without mods and got exactly the same result.  The Prussian capital has sort of a *bonus* recruitment slot and I took a couple of pictures just to show you what I mean.


20170321223502 1

20170321223520 1

20170321223543 1



20170321223830 1

20170321223845 1

20170321223907 1



20170321224130 1

20170321224143 1

20170321224200 1




As you can see all pictures are showing the same result, which means one extra recruitment slot exist in the Prussian capital.


I have no idea why no one has ever notice this before (I am not aware of anyone that might have discovered this bug or not) nor do I know why CA added one extra recruitment slot in the Prussian capital.

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