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Swedish Fish

(SSE) Hammerfell Remastered

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Official Facebook Page -- Discord Server -- Oblivion Version -- Original Release


Hammerfell R: The Eastern Grasslands is set in the Eastern part of Hammerfell called Goldmoor, Explore the grassy hills and find Loot Similar to Cyrodiils, Fight the Goblins in Coastal Coast Cave or take a rest in the nearby Cyrodiil Inn, Whichever interest you. The land of Hammerfell is diverse and very different to that of Skyrim. The Grasslands may look innocent and friendly but behind every Cave there's some treasure but atlas there's always a Creature looking over head watching your every move.



By: Lady Nerevar




The history of Hammerfell began long before the arrival of the Redguards upon its shores. The land between the Illiac Bay and the Goldcoast of Cyrodiil was called Hegathe (roughly meaning Death Lands) in the tongue of the Aldmer peoples. The Ayleid elves set up costal settlements in the southern portion of what is now Hammerfell, though none survive to this day. The northern Elves, and their Breton descendants, also set up coastal settlements, which became, after the Ra Gada conquest, the cities of Sentinel and Lainlyn.

The Dwemer became the first to fully settle Hammerfell in the year 1E420. The Rourken Dwemer left their Morrowind brethren after the formation of the First Council alliance between the Dwemer and Chimer. Legend has it that the leader of the Rourken threw his hammer, Volendrung, and built Volenfel, the capital of the Western Dwemer, where it landed. Other famous Dwemer cities include the citadel on the island of Stros M’kai and Fang Lair in the Dragontail Mountains. After the battle at Red Mountain and the disappearance of the Dwemer in the year 1E700, their fantastical cities were lost to looters and the elements of nature. Savage beasts that had once been kept at bay by the Dwemer returned to Hammerfell once more.

The arrival of the Ra Gada in the year 1E808, marked the beginning of the modern era of Hammerfell.

Leaving their homeland of Yokuda following its decimation in the early 800’s, the Ra Gada first landed on the isles of Herne, and then continued onto the other eastern isles and to the mainland by way of the Hew’s Bane peninsula. The Redguards – as the Ra Gada came to be called – were a fierce and warlike people, and easily conquered the Breton and Cyro-Nedic peoples along with the savage beasts and beast-folk of the province.

The Redguards, due to their warrior prowess, managed to subdue all of Hammerfell in a few battles. They quickly built cities atop the ruins of newly conquered cities and ancient ones alike, and within a matter of years the province was theirs. The Cyrodiilic, Nordic and Breton peoples did not forgive the Redguard conquest of their lands, and skirmishes continued along the borders for the rest of the century.

Only when the Orc nation of Orsinium appeared to challenge their dominance did the Redguards join forces with the Bretons. An alliance of the Sword Singer Order of Diagna, lead by Gaiden Shinji; the kingdom of Dagerfall, lead by King Joile; and the armies of Sentinel, begins an epic siege on Orsinium in the year 950. After 30 years of seige the Orc kingdom proves too much for the alliance. This shared battle leads to improved diplomacy between the Redguards and their neighbors. The Redguards open their borders for trade and assist other nations in their wars – such as the alliance with Bendo Olo of the Cyrodiilic kingdom of Anvil against the Sload.

Bringing in experience from their native Yokuda, the Redguards were able to tame the harsh land and thrive where others perished. Their culture, religion, and even government was transplanted whole in the new land and the civilization flourished. The new environment did however bring about change. The yoku language was replaced with the common tongue of Tamriel to better trade with their neighbors, and some of the yoku gods (minor deities in particular) began to take on more Tamrielic aspects. Many of the lower class Yoku and the Ra Gada wanted to adapt and assimilate to the ways of their new land, while the upper class and Na-Totambu, or ruling class, wanted to keep the traditional ways.

Cities along the border, such as Sentinel in the north and Rihad in the south, adapted particularly fast to the new Tamrielic culture. Trade and cultural interaction encouraged assimilation, and the people in these areas became increasingly imperial. Over time, their views and customs differed enough from that of the traditional Redguards for them to separate into a wholly new socio-political faction: The Forbears. Tension between the factions continues to build for the next two thousand years.

In the year 862 of the Second Era, High King Thassad II dies of natural causes and the province plunges into a bloody civil war between the Crowns and Forbears. Prince A’tor, heir to the throne of Hammerfell, leads the Crown forces against the Forbears. Just as Crown victory appears certain, the Forbears make a pact with Tiber Septim, who agrees to send his forces into Hammerfell to defeat A’tor in exchange for Hammerfell’s allegiance to the empire.

Tiber crushes the weakened Crown forces and takes mainland Hammerfell. A’tor and the loyal Crown forces are forced to flee to Stros M’kai, an island fortress in the south of Hammerfell. At the Battle of Hunding Bay A’tor met the forces of Tiber Septim in a magnificent naval battle. Just as the Crown forces were about to defeat the eastern navy, Dram, a famous Dunmer assassin, shoots Prince A’tor with a poisoned arrow. The dragon Nafaalilagus, thrall of the empire, burns down the remaining Redguard forces – and with it the hopes of Hammerfell’s sovereignty. Tiber Septim garrisons imperial forces in each of Hammerfell’s cities and installs imperial governors to rule the province. The proud Ra Gada are finally subdued.

Shortly after, in the year 864, rebellion again arises in Stros M’kai. Cyrus, a Redguard mercenary, defeats first Nafaalilagus and then Governor Richton, forcing Tiber Septim to sue for peace with Hammerfell. The empire concedes to let Hammerfell keep many of their traditions and government, and removes the imperial garrisons and governors from the province.

Cyrus, Sura in the Yoku tongue, is the center of many legends. Many Redguards consider him an incarnation of the HoonDing – the Yokudan god of Make Way and Perseverance over Infidels – due to his defeat of the empire at Stros M’kai. Additionally there are legends of him battling the Dunmer god Vivec among the wreckage of Yokuda. It is hard, if not impossible, to know which legends are true and which are purely imaginary.

The coming of the empire only widened the rift between the Crowns and Forbears however. When the Camoran Usurper marched on Hammerfell the Crowns refused assistance to their Forbear brethren in Rihad and Taneth, leading to their defeat and the fall of southern Hammerfell in the Battle of Dragontooth in 3E253. the Camoran Usurper decimates much of western Hammerfell until he is finally defeated by the navy of High Rock.

Neither did the forbears come to the assistance of the Crowns in 3E396, when the Nords attacked Hammerfell in what is now known as the War of Bend’r-mahk. This division left Hammerfell weakened, allowing the Nords to capture significant parts of eastern Hammerfell, including the cities of Elinhir, and Dragonstar. Dragonstar becomes divided into two distinct cities, its eastern half controlled by Skyrim and its western by Hammerfell. This division remains to this day.

War came again to Hammerfell in the year 3E402, when the kingdoms of Sentinel and Daggerfall go to war over the control of Betony Island in the Illiac bay. Priest Vanech of Daggerfall considers the island a holy realm of Kyanreth and refuses to cede it to Hammerfell. The Highrock city-state Reich Gradkeep agrees to mediate between Lysandus of Daggerfall and Camaron of Sentinel. At these negotiations Vanech submits a fake treaty, upsetting Camaron and eventually plunging the city-state of into chaos. Full out war erupts. The war reaches its climax at the battle of Cryngaine Field. King Lysandus is slain in the field, and his son, Gothryd, is crowned King of Daggerfall. King Camaron is likewise slain, and Lord Oresme surrenders to Highrock.

In an attempt to cement peace between the rival states of Sentinel and Daggerfall King Gothryd of Daggerfall is married to Princes Aubk-I of Sentinel.

In the year 3E417 conflict again plagues the Illiac bay region as the kingdoms of Sentinel, Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Orsinium, as well as the Blades, the Underking, and the King of Works vie over the control of the Numidium, a powerful Dwemer golem used by Tiber Septim to conquer the continent. The Mantella, needed to power the Numidium, is in the hands of a mysterious Imperial champion.

In the end, it is not known who received control of the Numidium. It is said that each faction did and each destroyed the other, bringing about the mysterious event known as the Dragonbreak, or, in this case, the Miracle of Peace.

The Miracle of Peace redefined politics in the Illiac bay. Highrock, once a realm of a hundred squabbling city-states, now consist of three: Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Nova Orsinium. Manimarco, the King of Worms, ascended into godhood and the Underking was able to die a mortal death after the Mantella (made from his life-force) was returned to him. Finally, there is peace between Highrock, Sentinel, and Orsinium.





Q: Will it require a new game?
A: Nope! You will be able to use your existing characters from Skyrim. Just hop over the border, and continue your adventures.

Q: Is this the same thing as Skyblivion / Skywind? Why aren't you working with them?
A: No, Skyblivion and Skywind are remakes of older Bethesda games in the
Skyrim engine. This is a remaster of a Province from TES4 Oblivon

Q: Why not you just port content from Oblivion / Morrowind / other games?
A: Because this is a violation of Bethesda's EULA, and would be grounds for them to close down the project.

Q: Will this be released for Consoles?
A: Hammerfell R: The Eastern Grasslands will be available on Xbox One in the future.






  • New 3D Models & Textures
  • New Cyrodiil Inspired Weapons
  • Updated Worldspace
  • Experimental LOD
  • Unique Locations
  • New Cyrodiil Inspired Creatures




  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • SSE



Models & Textures


Adanorcil - Aewen - Aiwyn the Breton - Aro101
Balthazar - Ciin - Doxas - Eraser - Eyeball88 - Fairwater
Fishcake - FLESH - Jelle - Joopson - Lady Nerevar
Morden - Mr.Siika - NexUmMonastica - Noirgrim - PoHa! - Syscrusher




Adanorcil - Ayedail - Billay - CleverClothe - FLESH
Lady Nerevar - JonarusDrakus - Nemon
PoHa - ShadowBeast - Tyrion - Rockwell - Vegor - Nex


Heightmap & Region Generation


Noirgrim - Lady Nerevar




Michael Kirkbride (MK) - Defining Hammerfell and continual support of the lore community
Display Name is Already in Use (Vorians) - Assistance and comments
Sload - Contributions to lore and firm guidance of the project
Lutemoth - Establishing Hammerfell's visual style
Noirgrim - Giving TRs start

Sifonseal - Giving Daggerfall Dev the Guidance










Edited by Daggerfall Dev

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I've redone some of the Textures and remade most of the Normal Maps with much Higher 1024x1024 Textures.

If some of you played the Original Hamemrfell: The Eastern Grasslands you may remember the Doors being Flat and Ugly all around, Well I got around and remade the 3D Models with High Quality also retaining a Low Poly for Performance, 60fps. ^_^



Before                                                                     After

original_flat_model_by_daggerfallteam-db  new_model_door_by_daggerfallteam-dbjygh0

Edited by Daggerfall Dev

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A Closed Beta will be happening in One Month


If you would like to participate then like and comment! ^_^



Also I revamped the first post, Finally have the New Logo and New Headings and started a Discord Server for anyone who wants to help with this Project, "link for Discord is in the first post"

Edited by Daggerfall Dev

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Here are some Screenshots of a Coastline I been working on, I extended the cliffs and created a beach so it's much more realistic, Still a work in Progress :) Also in the first screenshots there's a tower from Stonemoor on top of the Cliff  ;) 







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It looks impressive.  Although, I wonder if XB1 users could use this mod since they cannot avoid CC content while PC users can.  Other than that good luck. :)

Edited by Leonardo

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On 11/2/2017 at 11:34 AM, Leonardo said:

It looks impressive.  Although, I wonder if XB1 users could use this mod since they cannot avoid CC content while PC users can.  Other than that good luck. :)

I'm thinking of porting it to XB1 I don't see why not, since Hammerfell R doesn't require anything special except for DLC

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3D Modeled some crates,

Blue Row are Middle Class

Green Row are Upper Class with a tarp

Brown back row are Upper Class without tarp


Bunch O' Crates.jpg

Edited by Daggerfall Dev

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Rihad is getting a Major Overhaul, I've been incorporating some of the Original Ideas from TR's concept art. I'll post some in-game screenshot in a few weeks once things are more Polished. :)



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On 12/24/2017 at 9:08 PM, Daggerfall Dev said:

3D Modeled some crates,

Blue Row are Middle Class

Green Row are Upper Class with a tarp

Brown back row are Upper Class without tarp


Bunch O' Crates.jpg

New Covered Crates! I used the Original Skyrim Crate Meshes since they are Better Quality then my Custom Crates.


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