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(SSE) Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands

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Hammerfell: The Eastern Grasslands is a port of the original for Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, This version is updated to fit the newer game engine that Skyrim has to offer. Every 3D Model has been Optimized and Every Single texture has been Re-compressed and up-scaled to 1k, This Beautiful Landscape is home to the Redguards, formerly known as the Yokudans, They reside primarily in the province of Hammerfell. The Grasslands where the Rich City of Rihad is Located, Is a Primary Trading Post between Anvil in Cyrodiil and it's Western neighbor Taneth the City of Fish and the City of Poor. Across the Grasslands is the Alik'r Desert, A harsh wasteland known for it's scorching sun and deadly predators that roam the Great Dunes and walk the Halls of the Dwemer Ruins. The adventure Continues!


A Brief History

By: Lady Nerevar




New Features


Enhanced 1k Textures

Truly Optimized Models

New Elder Scrolls IV inspired Rocks

A Better Experience





In Development!

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