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Old Game Music

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Old Game Music. Looking for midi files of old inns, taverns, or street music that struck a chord while you were playing. Fun, jingly sounding stuff or rustic thems or just reg exploring music.

For example selections from Lufia. But there is better. Sorcerian or Zeliard or anything at that site. Pure gold.

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I have 192 MIDI files from Atari games. I also have 1942 YM files from Atari games. Anything from an Ultima title makes me smile.

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Yeah, apparently some Atari games have been made open source. But the YM files are interesting: guessing it's something like the emulator for Windows.
As a matter of interest, here's an updated list of open source games whose musical assets, as far as I know, can be shared freely. And distributing arranged or altered copyrighted midi files like the fine ones here is discussed at WikiLegal.
Most Final Fantasy originals are superior to the arrangements, unfortunately.

The Kingdom of Hearts has a lotta stuff, suspect there has been lots of kisses blown in the direction of the copyright holders. :P

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