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Guest BonJiro

Tanda Bodeliere

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Guest BonJiro

Tanda is bright, complex young women who, for the most part, is just trying to make ends meet.


She's the owner of a caring heart, though quick to anger, and just a little bit vain (given her looks are the only constant she's ever had between her father walking out on them and her indecisive mind for life direction). God help the men she meets if they aren't gentlemen, because her tongue is quicker than lightning and she doesn't know when to hold it. This aside, she's pleasant and bubbly (but recently, this is more short lived bursts as she doesn't have the time nor energy to smile when annoyed) and despite her background on a farm, she is actually quite delicate; far from the able tomboys one might expect a country girl to be.


The blue eyed, curly haired brunette is currently twenty two years old, and despite clawing her way through the ranks of boarding school, dropped out of higher education in pursuit of something more; perhaps a business of her own, or meeting Mr. Right, she hasn't quite got any idea what... But for the moment, is focusing on making her mark as an artist (until she gets bored and moves on, being quite flippant about life goals--A well timed suggestion may motivate a shift in her planned future entirely, if she's charmed enough by it).


She set out to make money as soon as she could, moving to a nearby village (and away from her large and in her opinion, annoying family) where she could take in the atmosphere and jump start her artistic pursuits. Unfortunately, the only place she could find work was this Inn, and given the expanse of oddity and strange characters and happenings, she has her work cut out for her.


Not exactly what she had expected when she took the position in a nice rural area.


So, dressed in waist high black tie apron, a white working top with a vee-neck and cap sleeves (that she despises), a pair of black cotton tights and her trusty (though worn) pair of slip on shoes, she's here to serve (and likely, end up whisked away from work on the odd occasion for reasons beyond her control as the variety of clientèle test the limits of her sanity).


....At least she still has her looks.

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