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Getting Dr Sulphur to run on modern Windows

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Win98 SE is free! Available at Archive.org (a commenter has suggested a key there) and a topic on keys at Reddit.

And the unofficial service pack is cool. :)

Yeah, having the actual CD sounds right- is it a DRM thing or does Dr. Sulphur do a search of physical CD drives instead of logical ones? Might it possible to burn an ISO image to a blank CD and trying that as well?

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windows 98 SE i do not believe needs install shield updates, however i believe i just have the older version and needed to install (install shield 2.0)

I was able to make a complete rip with alchohol 120% 1.4.7 the actual size of the cd is 339 mb

I installed deamon tools 3.4.7 and mounted the mdf . now have the game responding even better to loading screens

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