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[Relz, WIP] Elsweyr Pelletine

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Alright, here's my plan of action.

  • Darvulk Haven is staying put. It offers a home for some exiled Bosmer who don't want to be in Torval for various reasons. The name is really similar to Haven just over the border, so I figured it should be Bosmer too.
  • Markgran Brook will have a bath house and an upper class restaurant that Senchal's upper district sorely lacked.
  • Torval's roads will be smoothed, but the best plan of action going forward is to also have an underground cave network to make the transition between districts more seamless.
  • I can't seem to replicate the missing texture from my end. The minaret and towers share the same textures as the walls and buildings, so if one texture was indeed missing, it would be apparent everywhere.

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The fourth release is out now.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed Torval's minarets having a missing texture.
-Fixed the tropical water being incredibly dark and murky.
-Not a bug per se, but the roads to and from Torval have been smoothed slightly.
-Added the topic to buy a house in Torval and fixed the new name being a Tenmar house instead of a Torval one.
New content:

-An upper class restaurant and a bath house in Markgran Brook.
-A new underground system for Torval which allows you and NPCs to move between districts, with ease.
-Expanded the Senchal player home's garden, added a patch of growing plants and a building with lots of new storage.


TAL download coming tomorrow.

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I'm intending to complete almost all of Elsweyr in the next update - this will include Fort Spinxmoth, Portneu View and Heimthor Mount (the village, not the small mountain as that was done by Iliana). Most of the exteriors have been done already and then I'll proceed with the usual interiors and path-grids.

Tenmar Forest will be more dangerous than the Quin'rawl Peninsula, as there's a lot more creatures lurking about. There are some sugarcane plantations and a few Bosmer tribal villages close to the border of Valenwood.

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