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[WIP] Elsweyr Pelletine: Torval and Senchal

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Work on the third version has now been started.

Progress: I have completed the road from Corinthe to Torval and the road from Senchal to Torval.

I started extending the coral reef southwest of Senchal (planning to extend it all the way to Torval).

Torval's exterior structure is done - just needs a final pass of cluttering. The interiors still need to be made, as well as NPCs, path-grids and AI schedules.

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Update: Exterior-wise, both roads to Torval are done, Torval is mostly done, the misc locations are done except for the coral reefs.

Interior-wise, all of the dungeons except one mine are done, Torval's interiors have just been started, none of Darvulk Haven's buildings have been done yet.

Yet to do any path-gridding.

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