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[WIPz] Oblivifall - Tales of Cyrodiil

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Greetings, Cliffworms here. After a long halt, an expanded family last summer and, oh my, a forum change, I have returned. My main goal is to release my unfinished projects with the few spare moments I have.  Without further ado, I present you another Oblivifall chapter : Tales of Cyrodiil.

What is it about?

Tales of Cyrodiil will add 15 new quests to the game. These adventures are inspired by some of Daggerfall's side quests you can get from innkeepers and shopkeepers. Unlike Daggerfall, the Tales of Cyrodiil are not unique and not randomly generated. Also, I've greatly expanded them by adding new outcomes, dialogues and ways to complete them. 

Here is a brief description of each new quest : 

The Telvanni Duel

At the Foaming Flask in the Imperial City, a furious Dark Elf from Sadrith Mora is causing a bit of a ruckus. He keeps drinking and challenging the unfortunate patrons to a duel. Will you be the one to accept his challenge?

The Barbarian Duel At the Imperial Bridge Inn, an Orc Barbarian is seeking an opponent for a duel to the death. Needless to say, nobody, even the drunk Imperial Guard who visits the inn, has accepted. 

Two Cowards

In Anvil, Marcurio Orius and Gualtierus Turrianus are in conflict to gain the love of Elorya Hawkham. Gualtierus challenged Marcurio to a duel (yes, dueling is getting popular). The problem is, Marcurio is no fighter and he's seeking a sword for hire to impersonate him and win the heart of Elorya.

To Assist the Fate

In Chorrol, noblewoman Morgorya Coppercroft received word that her good-for-nothing, cheating husband named Theodyn Coppercroft has been captured by bandits and held for ransom. Of course, Morgorya doesn't want to ransom Theodyn but his cousin wants to. She is looking to hire someone who could prevent Theodyn from being ransomed. What will you do? Kill Theodyn's cousin? Steal the ransom and keep it or free Theodyn yourself, thus betraying Morgorya? Or barge in the bandits' hideout and kill him? You decide. (My favourite quest I think)

A Noble's Debts

A merchant loaned gold to a nobleman under the condition that the merchant keeps a deed to a valuable piece of property. Now, the nobleman vanished without a trace and the deed was stolen. This has hit the merchant's finances pretty hard and he seeks someone to find the deed, retrieve the loaned gold or, if all fails, find the nobleman.

A Rare Book

An Argonian savant in Skingrad would like to hire an adventurer to recover the ancient tome "Vampires of the Illiac Bay" from Ayleid ruins nearby.

Counterfeit Gold

In Cheydinhal, a nobleman's friend had the brilliant idea of giving him false gold bricks as a gift. That nobleman had the even more brilliant idea of giving them away to his allies. The problem is, he has now realized they were fake and they've already been given away. Retrieve at least one of them and you will be rewarded. Retrieve them all and you'll be handsomely rewarded.

A Mix Up

In Bravil, a Khajiit is asking around for an individual who looks like you. Apparently, his gem has been stolen and he's looking for the culprit. Could it be really you?

An Unexpected Journey

A Wood Elf staying at Bleaker's Way's inn is seeking an adventurer for an unknown but certainly dangerous task given by his master. The master promises 500 gold to the adventurer who will complete this mysterious task. Will you be the one?


In Anvil, rumors are spreading about a Redguard named Iminda. Apparently, he has taken a goblin for a lover, he keeps slaves, is a pariah or even beats his spouse! Needless to say, Iminda wants to put a stop to those rumors and is looking for an investigator to find the source of those false spreadings.

The Ransom

Argonian Kal-Ma of Leyawiin is beyond herself with grief. Her husband has been captured by the Thieves Guild and those good-for-nothing outlaws are asking a ransom or they will kill their hostage. The ransom is the only fortune the Argonian couple have. Will you ransom the husband, knowing the couple will lose their wealth? Will you persuade the kidnappers to release their hostage? Or will you just kill the thieves?

The Wraith's Hand

A very anxious man is looking for a courier to deliver a skeletal relic to a priest. Rumors say this hand used to belong to a vengeful spirit who still wanders Tamriel looking for it...

The Switcheroo

Browen, a down-on-her-luck traveling merchant staying at the Two Sisters Lodge in Skingrad, has been betrayed by her former business partner. Indeed, Browen was going to warn the authorities when she discovered that her partner was involved in smuggling. In fact, her partner hired a courier to deliver false accusations about Browen to Wayrest's Guild of Merchants. Browen is looking for someone to intercept the courier before he reaches Wayrest and sneak in a letter in his backpack denouncing her partner and remove the false accusations about her. Will you be quick enough?

The Birthday Present

The birthday of rat-catcher Tasius' sister is in a few days and he wants to give her a last-minute present. His job and the preparation for his sister's birthday keeping him busy, he's looking for someone to buy some red-tinted nightshade from an Argonian merchant. What appears to be a simple delivery job may turn out to be more dramatic if you dig deep enough...

The Daedric Stone

An Altmer sorceress is searching for a daedric lodestone for her research. Her assistant, another Altmer, arrived in Cheydinhal to hire someone brave enough to recover it from Ayleid ruins filled with conjurers and daedra. The dremora guarding it may have another plan in mind...who will you trust?

Quest mechanics

Time limit : Most quests must be completed in a limited time. Some are days, others are weeks. Bandits won't hold someone hostage foverer. You'll always be informed of the time limit before accepting the quest. Failing to complete the quest in time will result in failure.

No Essential NPCs. No Essential Items : Indeed, all of the related quests' NPCs can die and all quest items can be dropped or sold. For most quests, the death of quest NPCs will result in failure. Don't worry though. The NPCs stay inside cities so the only way they could die is if you had a hand in it. For items, you'll always be able to tell the NPC you lost the quest item, resulting again in a failure...but that could be a lie and it'd allow you to keep the items for yourself. :)

Voiceless, choice-based dialogue and skill checks : Most of the quest dialogue is choice-based, allowing you to ask questions about the task, accept or refuse it and bargain your reward. There are indeed skill checks when you try to negociate your reward or persuade an NPC. Having good luck allows the skills checks to be easier to pass.  Some topics are also added when, for example, you ask around for directions to one of the NPCs or a location. Finally, all the new dialogue is not voice acted. The mod uses Elys Universal Silent Voice.

Pre-quest, present-quest and post-quest rumors :  People will have rumors to say before the quest, during the quest and after the quest. They vary depending on the outcome, if you fail or suceed the quest.

On the importance of faction relations : Some of the quests have optional paths if you are a faction member or if you have good relations with them. For example, in A Noble's Debts, being a Thieves Guild member or having good relations with them will allow you to be receive a letter from the Guild to give you hints on where the lost loan is located.

No new dungeons or locations : Quests NPCs are placed inside the game's cities and the quests take place inside vanilla locations only. The dungeons used for those quests are existing Oblivion dungeons that have no vanilla quest linked to them. This allows for greater compatibility, preventing conflicts with mods that add new locations or change the landscapes.

 Optional quest markers : By default, quest markers for Tales of Cyrodiil's quests are disabled. Sufficient descriptions and directions are given to find a location or an NPC. If you still want to use quest markers, you will need to enter a simple command in the console window.

Rewards : Most quests reward the player with gold, others give not too powerful magical items. All quests give a faction relation bonus/malus with the city in which the quest takes place or the factions that were implicated in the quest. For example, helping a nobleman from Cheydinhal will give you better disposition with the Nobility in general and the people of Cheydinhal. On the opposite, botching a quest or betraying your quest giver if the opportunity arises will drop your disposition with the related factions. After all, the quest giver will talk about how good or bad you did his job with his friends and neighbors.

Difficulty : Most quests use Oblivion's leveling system for difficulty as I believe it easier for balance. Some NPCs are fixed, though. 

State of the project

All 15 quests are complete and are mostly playable. What needs to be done is pretty much testing. Since quest NPCs can be killed and quest items lost, I need to review all quests to make sure dialogue entries, outcomes and journal entries have been written in case your evil characters decide to keep the valuable items you were supposed to deliver or if they decide to mercilessly assassinate an hostage they were supposed to save.

 It's a project that I've been working on and off for the last years and I'm excited to finally see it so close to release. I don't have an ETA, but I hope to be able to release it soon.

Now, speaking of testing, if some of you are interested in trying it, let me know and I'll send it to you. 

There it is then, my latest project. Questions? Comments? :)

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Welcome back, Cliffworms! :D

Last time I saw you active in a forum was in your bandit mod project for Morrowind a couple of years ago on BSF.  Have you released it or have you just leave it as is for the time being?

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Leonardo, the bandit mod was mostly a concept of some sorts. I realized that while it's interesting to be able to negociate and even befriend each bandit group, the system I had designed to do that would be redundant after a few encounters. It would be better if the interactions would be different with each or most of the bandit groups. So seeing the scale of what that would imply, it's still sitting in my hard drive. :P

Should anyone be interested in beta testing Tales of Cyrodiil, while I'm still finishing up the "Birthday Present" quest, let me know. It'll help to see if the quests are well balanced or if there are bugs. (Of course there will be!)


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I’m finally returning to playing and modding and that includes Oblivion, so I can give this a go. Have you made this award Oblivion XP points or would you be interested in doing so? It just involves adding a couple of lines of code to the final quest stage result script. If not, Ob XP users will still get some generic points for completing the quests.

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It would be very interesting to make it compatible with Oblivion XP.  Could I award XP points for skill checks?  :)

What do I need to do? 

I could add the lines to make it compatible before sending it to you. This way, you'd be able to doublecheck if the XPs are given correctly as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Here are the instructions from the release thread on the old Bethesda forums. Scroll down to the section labelled “Adding Oblivion XP support”. It might be a bit hard to read so I can write them up here if you like.

You would normally award points for completing quests. Since Oblivion XP users have complete control over their skills (they don’t need to train to increase them), I’m not sure awarding points for skill checks makes sense. However if you want to do that, then yes I believe you can. Let me check and make sure that I process the points from other mods at times other than when the player completes a quest. I’m pretty sure I do because SDR awards sneak bonuses.

This is super CW. The generic points are based on the number of quest stages so quests with only a couple of stages don’t earn many points. Conversely quests with a lot of stages may earn an inordinate number of points. Customizing the awards allows you to tailor the points to the difficulty or complexity of the quest.

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Thank you for the information. 

Putting the extra XP for passing skill checks would be rewarding for the player. Unfortunately, I can't increase a player's skill advancement for users without Oblivion XP.

I'll add the lines to the entries, test it and send the file to you once I'm done. :)


I also decided to put the quest "Birthday Present" on hold for the first release. I see more outcomes than I initially thought. The quest involves a brother seeking to poison his sister at her wedding because she inherited their father's wealth. In truth, the sister took extra care of the father and fed him lies about his son so she could inherit his fortunes. 

The brother hires you to get the poison (though he only says he wants a special flower, hiding the truth about the poison) from an Argonian alchemist, who turns out to be a member of the Dark Brotherhood. You can do the job normally, fetching the item and giving it to the quest giver. Or : 

- Discover the flower's poisonous properties thanks to your Alchemy or if you show it to can alchemist. Then : 

     - Confront the brother and negociate a better reward.

      - Confront the brother and arrest him.

       - Confront the brother and don't care.

       -  Confront the brother and propose to assassinate his sister yourself.

       - Confront the brother and, if you are a Listener in the Dark Brotherhood, offer him membership if he carries the deed. (He will show up at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary eventually)

        - Confront the brother and say you'll resolve their dispute with words.

- Give the flower to the sister, warning her of the poison.


Much of these options were added as I worked on the quest in the editor. And now I'll need to rewrite parts of it so all possbilities can work. Anyhow, off to add extra script lines. :)

Edited by Cliffworms

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Ok, I checked and there are two variables for awarding points. The first is for completing quests, as I linked above. I'll copy the pertinent part from the old release thread:


if ( isModLoaded "Oblivion XP.esp" )
    runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpGainedXPMessage to sv_Construct %qCompleted the blah blah quest%q"
    runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpGainedXP to 100"

Replace "blah blah" with the name of the quest. Replace the 100 in the second line with the number of points you wish to award.

Point guidelines:

  • For simple quests that really only require you to talk to somebody, you would award about 50 pts. The Deliver the Amulet quest is a good example. The master training quests in which all you need to do is find the trainer and talk to him are also good examples.
  • For quests that involve you doing bit of leg-work, you would award about 100 pts. The miscellaneous quests "The Potato Snatcher", "Raid on Greyland", "Go Fish" or "Bear Season" are all good examples.
  • For quests that involve a small dungeon dive and retrieval you might award about 150 pts. The Daedric Shrine quests all fall into this category. "Find the Heir" or "Weynon Priory" are also examples.
  • For quests that involve a more extensive dungeon dive or a lot of running around, you might award 200 to 350 pts. This is typically the upper limit.

Oblivion XP will handle everything else, including scaling those points to the player's level.

The important point for that method is that in addition to scaling as I mention above, there are also sleep bonuses applied if the player has them enabled. Basically under certain conditions the player will earn more points. This is normal for quests and many of the other methods for earning points. The second variable was added for the SDR sneak bonuses. They are not scaled and there is no sleep bonus. You might want to use the second variable for the skill checks. This variable would be used to award a bonus, which doesn't change. Here's the code for the second case:

if ( isModLoaded "Oblivion XP.esp" )
    runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpSneakKillMsg to sv_Construct %qAwarded bonus points for skill check%q"
    runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpSneakKill to 10"

Replace "Awarded bonus points for skill check" with the message you'd like displayed when the player gets the points. Replace the 10 in the second line with the number of points you wish to award. The variables refer to a sneak kill, but that isn't seen by the player. They'll only see the points and your message.

Edited by AndalayBay
Fixed stupid formatting!

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Thank you for the info. 

The XP Bonuses work well for dialogue skill checks and they're correct when completing a quest. It's a very nice and easy to implement, kudos! :)

Is it possible to prevent the player from getting XPs for failing quests though? I tried to put 0 XP as a "reward" for botching a quest, but it still gives an amount of XPs based on the number of quest stages.

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I’d have to add code for that. Normally in Oblivion you can’t fail quests. I’m checking for the interop variables being set, so they need to be greater than 0. What happens if you pass 0.5 or 1 point? I suspect that would work. The interop variables are probably integers though.

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Super! I think a lower number of experience points would work too. 

When you want to make it available for testing, perhaps you could just upload it to our mods section.

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