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Tel Shadow

[RELz] Elden Hollow II

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Elden Hollow II

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(Apart of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019)

-Elden Hollow II-

Elden Hollow II is an underground Dungeon that lay under Tel Vos, once a mine has now turned into a overgrown husk for the trees around it,as you would think nothing of such a place, but the Thalmor think differently and have taken Elden Hollow as their own,. many things are in Elden Hollow you may or may not find them.. The Thalmor must be stopped..

But this time its different from the last, this is a new base, a new location, the Thalmor are stronger and are waiting for you... Elden Hollow II is the final stand.. of so they think....

The entry to the dungeon is North-west of Gnisis... The dungeon level is recommend at level 30 or higher since i made some hard bosses.. I hope you enjoy playing them.. i spent afew days building them as well as the detail.. this and all the dungeons i will be uploading...

More floors harder dungeon....


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