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Tel Shadow

[RELz] The Banished Cells II

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The Banished Cells II

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(Apart of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019)

-The Banished Cells-

Explore the old and forgotten ruined fortress home to many of the damned. but wait their is more....

Located under Tel Vos you can find the door right outside next to the Tel Vos sign on the western side of Tel vos the dungeon is placed in the same place as The Banished Cells 1, The Banished Cells II is a place where the long dead and forgotten lie, alot is going on down in the deep of Tel Vos. Level 10 or Higher, maybe even 15 or higher, i hope you enjoy playing it was i did making it.. 

The Banished Cells is a harder dungeon and with more/different rooms. making a second part to the first..

But the reason why their is a part one and a part two is because the 2 is bigger and more harder, ill be going a final version of the dungeons mixed into one and the enemy's will be 10x harder, making it a huge dungeon and a lot harder,.. part 1 and 2 are to get you used to the dungeon before the real one comes along. The Banished Cells Veteran will be a challenge.

Thank you for downloading


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