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[RELz] Nebula Isles

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Nebula Isles

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-Nebula Isles-

Nebula Isles is a player home and is on its own landmass, with things to see and kill i sure you will have fun, the island has its own mine so feel free to mine away and sell what you find,, as well as an archery range at the back of the house accessed from the inside of the house... How to get their? if you head to Hla Oad you will notice an extra ship docked.. talk to the dark elf and he will give you transport to your home, and if you want to get back, then talk to the other ship master at nebula Isles..
Nebula Isles is place west of Hla Oad you will be able to see it on your map.. also this house is free... what rooms does my home have

-Wild life area
-Storage room
-Master bedroom
-Bath room

The Library was made with the intent on hunting books and adding them to the library the books that are their are only to start you off...


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