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Tel Shadow

[RELz] Fungal Grotto

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Fungal Grotto

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-Fungal Grotto-

The slaves have taken settlement in an old and abandoned telvanni house pod, only to realize the house is a hidden cave 
of fungai plants and mushrooms, the bandits help protect the slaves, Many amazing things to see and kill in the Fungal Grotto but be careful of the mushroom spores.. or you will turn insane yourself....

Player level 30-35 depending on your skills this is a very packed dungeon.. they are many things to find and sell.. look out for hidden chests,,the location of the dungeon is in sadrith mora you will need to go into one of the house pods in order to get to the dungeon,.. the house pod is on the road that leads to the back of the main telvanni tower thank you for downloading the mod and let me know what you think and if any problems come up..


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