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[RELz] Intelligence Based Security Skill (IBSS)

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Intelligence Based Security Skill (IBSS)

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Security skill governing attribute is intelligence, But in the lock picking/disarming success calculation, intelligence plays no part in it, making the skill very unappealing for intelligence dominant characters. Isn't it logical that the more intelligent you are, the better you are at lock picking, basically lock picking is about getting the right combinations or moving the correct part of the lock. This mod will address that issue by making intelligence affect security skill directly. More Info in readme of the file.

-Special Features-

1. Skill is updated realtime

2. Skill will correctly update when fortification effect wears off, even if a skill modification happens during the fortification!

3. Provides detailed values of actual, modified and added skill value. Just type "startscript IBSS_INFO"

4. Safe to remove anytime provided you have read the README. :)

5. Works on existing characters even with existing fortifications or modifications from other mod





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