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Guest q21

Josiah Tankloc

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Guest q21

I felt the best way to introduce Tankloc was by writing out the last minutes before he gets to the Inn. So you get a mini 'stat block' type bit and then a story.


Name: Josiah Tankloc

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Race: Human... promise, this time he really is.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel


Er... that's enough of that... here have some "back story".... like 20 minutes back...




The interrogator opened the cell and stood framed in the doorway. The cell was furnished with a table, two chairs, one of which was occupied, and a set of holy equipment known collectively as the Excruciator. The interrogator had heard plenty about the man in the cell, but had until this moment never seen him. Seeing the man sitting with his head rested on manacled hands, his body a mass of faded bruises, it was hard to credit the stories. Apparently it had taken three Librarians and a Grand Master to bring the man in.


The interrogator strode into the room, swinging the door closed behind him. He pulled the unoccupied chair back and settled himself into it. He placed a few sheets of paper on the table and pulled a fountain pen from his pocket. The prisoner hadn't moved. If it weren't for the ever so gentle expansion and contraction of his ribcage one would think he was dead. Soon he would be, but first he would get his justice.


"You are Josiah Tankloc?" the interrogator asked without preamble. After a long silence, just as the interrogator was about to repeat the question the man lifted his head and levelled a baleful stare at the interrogator.


"Yes." The prisoner's voice was deep and gravely. The single, softly spoken word contained more malice, scorn and contempt than most people felt in a lifetime.


"I am Interrogator Terrence Listors," the interrogator said. "In this interview I will ask you a series of questions. After which, should your answer's prove unsatisfactory you will be put to the question until such a time as the truth is uncovered or you expire. Do you understand this?"


"Yes," Tankloc said as he sat up straight. Even bound and beaten the interrogator had to admit the man possess and fluid, predatory grace. The wiry muscles all across his body rippled every time he moved. Tankloc's hair was cropped close to his scalp and a wore a goatee that would have been neat were it not for a few day's chained up in a cell.


"Is it true that the various titles you have given yourself include, but are not limited to," Listors picked up a page and started reading entries from a list, "The Dark Apostle of Nihilis. The Prophet. The Bearer of the Word of Change?"


"Well," Tankloc said with a shrug, "The titles are technically correct, but I didn't give any of them to myself. The first was given to me by Nihilis himself. The rest were added on by various people along the way. And you left out "The Bloodletter", that's one of my favourites."


"Nihilis does not exist!" Listors shouted.


"Suit yourself."


"Are you a sorcerer?"




"Do you have sanction from the Church to make use of magic?"




"The crimes of which you have been accused are," the interrogator picked up another sheet of paper and began reading from a second, longer list. "One count of Heresy. Five counts of first degree murder. Eight counts of arson, with forty two associated counts of second degree murder. One hundred and sixty four counts of assisted suicide. Nine counts of assault with intend to inflict grievous bodily harm. Eleven counts of aggravated assault. One count of extreme vandalism in the destruction of a public monument. Is this list accurate?"


"You're short a few counts of murder and assault, and if its only a hundred and sixty four counts of assisted suicide then someone chickened out and didn't drink their fucking poison, no wonder it was so hard to pull the freaking cathedral down," Tankloc tapped his finger on the tabletop as he considered something, then spoke again, "And as much as it pains me to say this, I know nothing about the arsons."


"That is all, you will now be put to the-"


"Just a question of my own," Tankloc interrupted. "You were always going to introduce me to the excruciator, weren't you. Regardless of the sature of my answers." Listors nodded, seemingly happy to indulge the curiosity of a man he had absolute power over. "Shit, and you people call me a monster."


"You have destroyed countless live, Mr Tankloc," the man said simply. "You are indeed a monster. You are, in fact, the very definition of a monster."


"And how many innocent people have you 'put to the question?'" Tankloc asked. "How many people have you tortured to death, only to discover you were wrong?"


"The church is never wrong," the interrogator said with a smug smile.


"By Nihilis you're a conceited lot."


"Invoking your false god will do you no good."


"Really?" Tankloc said, raising his eyebrows. "Tell me, these manacles are magic deadening, aren't they?" He held up his hand, just in case the interrogator couldn't see the iron rings around his wrists. Listors nodded. "So I can't do ANY magic myself, at the moment?" The interrogator nodded again. "Then, if Nihilis were a false god, how would you explain this?"


"Explain what exa-"


Terrence Listors' question was cut off abruptly as a spiked pole of black iron burst up through the ground. It pierced the chair he was sitting on and then entered his body from below. The impaling spike lifted the interrogator off his chair as it forced its way through his body, finally exploding from his shoulder in a shower of blood and bone fragments. The room was filled with sweet screams of agony and desperation. As the initial shock started to ware off the interrogator began to thrash on the spike. Tankloc shot a glance at the door and then smiled as he remembered that people would be expecting screams from this room today.


Tankloc stood and shuffled around the table. He pulled the interrogator's key ring from his belt. There was a mixture of blood and shit running down the spike to collect at the bottom. Tankloc hopped away from the spreading pool of foul smelling mess and set to unlocking himself. It was a little bit of a challenge to get the long keys into the manacles on his own wrists, but he managed it, then bent to remove the matching pair from his ankles.


With a wicked grin Tankloc slid tot he door and swung it open. A nonchalant flick of the wrists and an infernal word pained the walls with the brain of the guard on his left. He pulled a knife from its place on the belt of the falling, headless corpse and turned, pushing it to the second guard's throat. The man had frozen solid in horror and began to whimper when he felt the sharpened steel against his neck.


"Tell me where they keep my personal effects and I let you live," he promised.


"U..up stairs. The the the second f-floor. Take the the first two lefts," The man managed to stutter.


"Thanks," Tankloc said amicably as he pushed the blade into the side of the guards neck, with practised care he missed every major artery, vein and the windpipe. The guard was crying now.




"I lied," Tankloc said with laughter in his voice. He ripped the blade away from the guard, pulling the contents of his throat with it. As the man fell a white mist seemed to spill from the gaping wound in his throat. As Tankloc inhaled the man's life force he could feel the bruises recede a little cut above his left eye begin to knit. With a chuckle he set off for into the building.


A few minutes later Tankloc stepped out of the Church's Interrogation Offices onto the street. He was refreshed, dressed in his fitted leather armour, the hilts of his short swords, Yes and No, protruding over his shoulders. Behind him smoke was already starting to billow out of the Church building's uppermost windows into the evening sky.


Tankloc walked down the street until he saw a building with lights flickering in its windows and a welcoming doorway. "An inn, excellent."

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Guest theinfamouskat





[approval sticker][/approval sticker]



*curls up in the corner and whimpers*

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Huh boy. :blink:


So both of us introduce new characters in twenty minutes, they're both sorcerers, and they're very....very...different.

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Guest J_Slr

O! You brought Tankloc in?

This is going to be great!

Though now I have an urge to create Solisis or Gladness:tongue:


Oh and before I forget:


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