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Guest theinfamouskat

(Current revealed information as of 7/20)



NAME (Unknown to most): Aramis Gray


ALIAS (Generally known by): Grayson


ACTOR: Cillian Murphy





--Hair: dark brown

--Eyes: pale blue

--skin color: pale peach

--Build: lean but muscular, acrobat's build

--Height: 5'10.5"


OCCUPATION: Performer for Cirque du l'Cour; contortionist, juggler, acrobat, etc.


WEAPON OF CHOICE: dual jiujiebian (nine-section chain whips)


HISTORY: As the age of five, Grayson--Aramis at the time--saw his mother, two older sisters and younger brother die in a terrorist attack in an opera house in his homeland. He survived unscathed, but his older brother Tristan would lose his right hand. His father, Elias Gray, a Grand Duke and politician, was left to raise the two boys alone.


Six years later, as the political situation grew even worse (the poor growing poorer which provoked evermore vicious attacks on the aristocracy, who up until then had been content to beat them back into their place), Grand Duke Elias Gray announced his intentions to abdicate his bloodright and dissolve his household, returning the wealth back to the people and hoping other nobles would do the same. He believed if he, a man wronged, could show mercy to the poor, there was no reason any other could not.


Tristan Gray, however, was infuriated at his father's suggestion. He felt that in returning the estate to the poor, his father was dishonoring the death of their family members and giving into the terrorist lower crust's demands. Surrendering, in a manner of speaking. Though he and his father argued about the decision, it was clear Elias's mind was made up. Faced with seemingly no other option to halt the dissolving of the Gray estate, Tristan conspired with other nobles to have his father dealt with. Aramis, just shy of twelve, was unaware and uninvolved with the plot until accidentally stumbling into a meeting of the conspirators. Having become the "loose end," it would be only a few weeks before Aramis found himself framed, tried, declared mentally ill, and condemned for the murder of his own father.


Put into solitary confinement to remain until his thirteenth birthday when he could be legally executed, Aramis remained imprisoned for nearly a month and a half before a small troupe of circus acrobats found him. They'd broken in to free a fellow member when the acrobat leader, Iliana, saw Grayson and took pity on the boy, breaking him out and taking him back to the Cirque with them.


After the boy was nursed back to health, he was allowed to go his own way. However, Aramis refused. He lied about his imprisonment charges to all save a few, changing his name to Grayson, and joining the Cirque as a performer.



PLAYLIST (links to songs):















1- "If home is where the heart is/ then we're all just fucked."


"My mind is a safe/and if I keep it in we all get rich

My body is an orphanage/we take everyone in

Doing lines of dust and sweat/ off of last night's stage

Just to feel like you"


"I've got a lot of friends who are stars/

But some are just black holes"


2- "Just let me ask you, hey/ Have you heard of my religion?

It's called the church of hot addiction/ and we believe

That God has lusts for everything.

And now I/ I've got a nasty new compulsion

And you've already got a notion/ of that I need

So give it, so give it, just give it to me."


3- "I did a sick, sick thing to my love,

My lack of loyalty, it swallowed her up.

And she cooked me food/ she squirmed and turned

Like a skeleton key.

She left her man and attended to me."


"Don't call me that/ don't claim you love me

'Cause you know it's not true.

My dire affliction I'll attribute to you."


"I did a horrible thing to that girl;

I bred my misery and doubt into her."


4- "Is it still me that makes you sweat/ am I who you think about in bed

when the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress?

When you think of what you did/ and how, "I hope to God he was worth it,"

when the lights are dim and your heart is racing as your fingers touch your skin

I've got more wit, a better kiss/a hotter touch, a better fuck

Then any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie, you had me

Girl I was it; look past the sweat/ a better love deserving of

Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat

No, no, no you know/ it will/ always/ just be me."


5- "I never really gave up on/ breaking out of this two-star town

I got the green light/ I got a little fight/ I'm gonna turn this thing around

Can you read my mind?"


"The good old days, the honest man/ the restless heart, the promised land

A subtle kiss that no one sees/ a broken wrist and a big trapeeze

So, well, I don't mind if you don't mind/ 'cause I don't shine if you don't shine

before you go, can you read my mind?"


"It's funny how you just break down/ waiting on some sign."


"The teenage queen, the loaded gun/ the drop-dead dream, the chosen one

a Southern drawl and a world unseen/ the city wall and a trampoline,

So, well, I don't mind if you don't mind/ 'cause I don't shine if you don't shine

before you jump, tell me what you find/ when you read my mind"


6- "Well if you told me you were drowning/ I would not lend a hand

I've seen your face before my friend/ but I don't know if you know who I am

Well, I was there and I saw what you did/ I saw it with my own two eyes

So you can wipe off that grin/ I know where you've been

It's all been a pack of lies."


"Well, I remember, I remember/ don't worry, how could I ever forget?

It's the first time, the last time we ever met.

But I know the reason you keep your silence up/ oh no, you don't fool me

Well, the hurt doesn't show/ but the pain still grows,

Its no stranger to you and me."

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Yay, Grayson!


I need to update his trope list, too, don't I? Add in Troubled but Cute and Freudian Excuse...hmm...

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Guest theinfamouskat

Yup. And you'll have to listen to his playlist. It's scarily spot on. :afrightned:


ALSO!! CIRCUS VIDS. Mostly Cirque du Soliel, but I'll post the acts as I find them. So far, this has been the most.... eh, enlightening contortionist act. Be warned, this is INTENSE. More to come.



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