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Francesc Bohagande

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Guest q21

Cesc fastened the last few buttons on the incredibly expensive brocade coat that wasn't his, admiring again the detail of the gold patterning in the rich, royal blue material. As he looked up to watch the rain hammering against the portal glass it occurred to Cesc that the patterns might very well be actual thread of gold; Lord Nesta was certainly rich enough for that, although it might very well not be, given Nesta's reputation as something of a miser when it came to spending his money.


"So," Cesc said, turning on the spot, the hem of the coat flaring outward just the right amount. "What do you think?"


"Well," Lady Nesta said from the bed where she lay, still basking in the afterglow. She propped herself up on her elbows to get a better look at him. "Simply marvellous. Much better than Carlton has ever looked in it."


"Hmm... So what do you think your husband would think of me 'borrowing' his finest coat?" Cesc asked.


"I think, dear boy," Lady Nesta said, getting languidly to her feet, "that he'd be rather more concerned with what you were just doing with his wife. On his ship." Cesc only smirked in response as she sauntered the few steps up to him and stood, her intense, magnificently green eyes locked on his, only a hairs breadth away. Tenderly, Cesc brushed a stray lock of hair from Lady Tamara Nesta's face and kissed her for what he expected was the last time.


When he heard the cabin door open just a second later Cesc barely sighed.


"Tamara! What are you-"


"Carlton, its not what it lookd-" Lady Nesta started.


"You mean that it isn't my naked wife, kissing a man ten years her junior who is, of all things, wearing my coat?" Lord Nesta drawled. Carlton had to give him some credit, this was usually the moment that most husbands flew of the handle. This must be that cool-calm-collectness for which Lord Nesta, who was also Admiral Nesta, was so famous.


"Actual, that's a pretty succinct description of the situation," Cesc admitted as he stepped away from Lady Nesta with a shrug. "You forgot however to mention the part about just having had two hours of glorious sex."


Apparently a limit existed to Lord Nesta cool which Cesc had just exceeded. He ducked under the man's punch, sidestepped a knee that was - quite fittingly - aimed at his crotch and reached up to yank a lock of sodden hair from Lord Nesta's head. The admiral hissed in pain as he spun to again face Francesc.


"You cheat on me with this?" Nesta asked his wife, though he didn't take his eyes off of Cesc. "He can't even fight like a man." Cesc didn't respond to the insult, instead he pulled his knife free; the weight of the three inch silvered blade comfortable in his hand. "Well, that's more like it, boy," Nesta said, drawing his own knife, which was more than twice the size of Cesc's.


"Oh, this isn't for you," Cesc said calmly, drawing the blade across his palm to open a shallow wound. As the blood began welling up Cesc closed his hand around the wound and lock of Lord Nesta's hair. "And by the way, anyone who carries around a belt knife that size is certainly compensating for something."


If Cesc's taunt hadn't been enough to provoke Lord Nesta into charging him again, Lady Nesta's stifled laugh certainly was. This time, though, Lord Nesta managed to tangle his ankle in his wife's discarded garter belt and, with a roar of frustration, collapse to the ground. In less than a heartbeat Cesc was out of the door and speeding toward the deck, fortunately no one decided to step out of their cabin and into the cramped hallway in front of him.


There was nowhere to run to on a ship, though. No crowd to lose himself in or alleys to duck into. If he was going to get away from Lord Nesta's rage, which by now had probably reached murderous, he was going to have to get off the ship. Cesc had memories the locations of all the ship's boats within minutes of boarding almost a month earlier so when he ran out onto the deck he didn't need to look where he was going to get tot he nearest one. Though the torrential, bitterly cold rain soaked through his stolen coat almost instantly Cesc thanked his Luck for it: only the very few sailors who were forced by duty to be on there were on deck and they were hardly in any mood to notice Cesc rushing out of the cabins or to start cutting free a boat.


It was difficult to cut through the ropes with his left hand still closed into a fist around the lock of hair, but it proved its worth when Cesc glanced over his shoulder to see Lord Nesta run out onto the deck and slip on the rain slicked wood. The fraction of Cesc's mind that wasn't focused on cutting wondered when that had last happened to the twenty-five-year professional, decorated sailor.


Cesc raced from the rope his just finished cutting onto the fourth and final one. Before he could raise his knife to it, though, he felt the air beside his head stir as Lord Nesta's oversized knife spun just past his ear and embedded itself in the hull of the boat, neatly severing the last rope in the process. Cesc set his shoulder to the boat and began pushing in an effort to get it over the edge - with just a bit more Luck he'd be able to get it into the water before Lord Nesta's hands closed around his neck.


The deck beneath Cesc's feet tilted as a storm driven wave broadsided the ship. Admiral Nesta's ship was the best in the Empire and it survived the wave, though the force of the wall of water that rushed across the deck did rob his of a perfectly good boat and his vengeance as both Cesc and the boat were washed over the edge.



Name: Francesc "Cesc" Bohagande


Race: Human, Caucasian


Gender: Male


Age: 28


Description: Cesc is, by most accounts, a very handsome man. He's just over six feet tall, has dark hair and blue/green eyes. He is currently wearing a very expensive brocade coat over his own, decent but rather less expensive clothing. He has a tattoo of a crow across his back in black ink.


From the perspective of his writer (ie, not necessarily from anyone character he might interact with) the most notable thing about Cesc is that he's Lucky. Most people who role a properly balanced six sided die will have an equal chance of getting any number from 1 to 6. Cesc will almost always get the number he needs - not necessarily the one he wants, but the one he needs, eg. he doesn't always win because sometimes what he needs is to lose so that the guy across the table who's betting his wedding ring doesn't jump him outside the bar later to get it back. He has no control over what his luck will do for him, but he's learned to trust it and to trust that so long as he remains Lucky things will work out just fine.


As it turns out though, Luck is much like mass, energy and momentum in that the amount of it that exists is constant. What this means is that Cesc's extra Luck has to come from somewhere and unlike the direct effect of that Luck Cesc can control where he gets his Luck from. He steals it from other people. Usually it's just a slow, parasitic leak from everyone around him which he can direct and guide and turn on and off and it takes a while for the victim to start noticing the effect, but if he continues with the same target for too long those effect can become truly catastrophic. When he needs to be very lucky, very quickly, though Cesc can turn to other methods (look up) - methods which are blunt, crude and unsubtle but also, and sometimes more importantly, effective and immediate.


While Cesc has never killed anyone with his own hands and doesn't go out of his way to cause anyone any hurt, the fact that people tend to become desperately unlucky around him often has catastrophic results. Cesc knows this and he doesn't care. Why doesn't e care..? You can drag that out of him yourselves.


Actor: Ian Somerhalder





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WOOT! *happydace*


...a sailor - er, hanging around sailors at least - with a tattoo on his back? Pyrene's tugging my sleeve and wanting me to ask if this is intentional.

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Guest q21

He's not technically a sailor, but he does spend a lot of time on ships.. because he spends a lot of time moving from place to place.

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