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Crew of the Miranda

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Name: Pyrene


Gender: Female


Race: Half-elf


Age: Late thirties


Appearance: Pyrene has pale green eyes, long curling brown hair, and skin which is more or less one solid freckle. A Greater Mark of Storm takes up her entire upper back.


Equipment: Pyrene usually wears a waterproof deep blue coat, cut to the knee. She will never, ever wear anything that bares her back. Her favored weapon is a cutlass with a carved red-painted hilt in the shape of a sea serpent.


As a good ship's captain, she keeps a segment of the Miranda's lightning elemental on her at all times. The crystal flickers white and the chain and fastenings are pewter.


Occupation/notes: Captain of the airship Miranda. Most of their jobs augment the (legal) sea-based shipping business run by Pyrene's older brother. Their father has recently passed away.


Casting: Eliza Dushku. This picture speaks for itself.






Name: Selador


Gender: Male


Race: Elf


Age: Difficult to tell, but he's not young.


Appearance: Selador is tall, with dark hair and brown eyes.


Equipment: He's never gotten used to Lhazaar's chill and so almost always wears a heavy cloak. He also tends to dress a bit brighter than the rest of the crew. It's an Aerenal thing.


His weapon of choice is a run-of-the-mill longsword.


Notes: He and Pyrene have been in a relationship for several years now. The crew had a merry time ribbing them about it for a while, but everyone's gotten used to it by now - except Selador himself.


Casting: Joseph Fiennes






Name: Nox


Gender: 'Male'


Race: 'Human'


Age: 'Early twenties'


'Appearance:' To all appearances Nox is young man with longish sandy hair, pale eyes and freckles. He's a bit twitchy.


Equipment: Nox's clothes are nondescript, mostly in rusty browns and grays. His coat is reversible. He is proficient in fighting with anything that's not nailed down.


Notes: Nox is totally not a changeling. Noooo. Honest. If her were, he most certianly wouldn't come from the Grey Tide. Because the Grey Tide is the only almost-all-changeling settlment in all Khovaire. And Nox most definitely isn't.


Casting: Joe Anderson






Name: Meg


Gender: Female


Race: Human


Age: Late twenties


Appearance: Meg has short sticky-uppy dark brown hair and grey eyes. She's missing a couple teeth.


Equipment: Meg dresses like a boy, usually in long shirts and ragged pants that are cut off at the knee. On the ship she's usually barefoot.


Notes: Meg comes from a long line of the scum of Orthoss - 'scum' in this case meaning 'very powerful crime lords.' Her joining the Miranda was a bit of a disappointment. It's entirely too respectable. It's legal side gets ninety percent of the attention and it isn't even a front, for gods' sakes, what is the world coming to?


She's the lead mage on the ship, though her magic is very flashy and unrestrained. It's gotten her in trouble more than once.


Casting: Carrie Mulligan



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Alright, I'm going to start collecting random notes about Eberron airships here so I'll start actually writing them consistently. Most of this is personal canon.


Airships appear as long, narrow galleons - albeit with no masts or traditional sails. Instead, a ring of air/lightning/fire neatly bisects the ship. The ring is supported by a few struts, mostly on the lower half of the ship.


The Peregrine is a fire vessel and is small, battered, and built for speed. The Miranda is a lightning vessel and is an older model, the wood dyed unusually dark.


The airship's wheels are positioned atop the poop deck on the stern of the ship (usually directly above the captain's cabin). There are two wheels: the main one for horizontal movement, and one on the captain's right for vertical movement. There's a ratcheted lever or three at the captain's left that controls thrust. Almost all lift and thrust is provided by the elemental. Steering is augmented by several horizontally-oriented sails that run the length of the ship's hull and a few vertical "rudder" sails at the stern and sides.


To fly an airship, you need at least four or five people. To fly an airship WELL, you need a captain with the Mark of Storm. You can get by with less than this if you really need to: Roland once managed to fly the Peregrine solo for the space of about two minutes, albeit while rapidly losing altitude, through the careful use of elemental bindings, an anti-gravity spell, and PANIC.


If anything on the ship breaks from stress (speed + acrobatics + weather conditions), it's gonna be the elemental bindings. Thankfully, they usually don't all fail at once. Visible as runes, the bindings bindings run throughout the ship but all eventually tie back to the wheels (the dragonshard is embeded inside/beneath them). This is why disjunction spells target the wheel.


Airships CANNOT hover in place (two airships that meet in midair are just moving foward at the same speed). Left on their own, they tend to float forward and down. They need a proper docking tower to stay still (the anchoring point is the lower struts of the elemental ring); failing this, a sturdy tower or two and lots of enchanted rope. This makes them very impractical for exploration.


They can, however, rise and fall at a near ninety-degree angle.


They cannot reverse.


Airship-specific maps must work in three dimensions to account for wind patterns and thus cause lots and lots of headaches.


The Soarwood to build the ships comes from Aerenal, and all Lyrandar-comissioned ships are built and enchanted in Zilargo. House Lyrandar is working very, very hard to get a monopoly on Soarwood and is failing quite spectacularly.


The rivalry between House Lyrandar and House Orien is over money / monopoly over the shipping business (and a GRUDGE) - Lyrandar ships either 'by sea' or 'overland, faster than / anywhere the Lightning Rail doesn't go, FOR A PRICE'. The rivalry between House Lyrandar and the Lhazaar Principalities is over territory and pride (and a GRUDGE). Both of these obviously predate the invention of airships. Lyrandar airships usually ferry delicate goods or rich passengers, and thus are more of a luxury service. Lhazaareen ships are less so because they are one of the main conduits between most of Lhazaar and mainland Khorvaire...and they are the ONLY remotely practical way to reach Lhazaar while avoiding the Kundarak bankers in the Mror Holds. Not that any good upstanding Lhazaareen would ever need to, understand.

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Major update in first post. Part of me wants to bring these guys in, but I've got waaaaaay too many Eberron airship pirates in the Inn right now. :blink: Also I want to write one more vingette before I do.

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Guest theinfamouskat

Joseph Finnes. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. *watches moar Flashforward* ... lol, Jacob's in that show, too. :biggrin:

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This is a note to myself to update and possibly seperate the bios...once I have the time. Eep.


*gets hog-tied in Christmas lights and dragged off for more holiday decorating*

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New casting for Nox (and he might get his own bio, too. Not sure. I've gotta go poke Pyrene and Selador with sticks to get them active again before I feel comfortable introducing him, but he's yammering about backstory).


Joe Anderson.


Why did I not think of him before, he is perfect.





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