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The future of GHF and MMH

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Reposted from GHF

Hello everyone who is still around!

I have been thinking a lot about the nature of entropy lately. The nature of entropy is that all complex systems, left to their own devices, will decay and revert to chaos. The general notion of data on the internet is that it can last forever. In many ways, that is a fallacy - data can and does become corrupt and useless. But beyond that, even if the data is preserved properly, the means to manipulate or interpret that data is likely to change or go away altogether, effectively rendering that data useless.

When it comes to these websites, the last thing I wanted to happen was to follow the path of elricm. Essentially he put in a lot of time and effort on creating a great mod hosting site; over time his involvement with his site dwindled while other volunteers maintained it in his stead. When a technical error occurred, it required some time for those volunteers to contact him and get information from him or have him resolve the problem. When I created Modhistory, I had fully planned on maintaining it indefinitely. That was nine years ago. An awful lot has changed since then! Unfortunately I have become another iteration of elricm - and to be honest I'm mostly okay with that.

When I was actively writing mods and building/maintaining these sites, this was very much my passion. The only real responsibilities I had at that point in my life were to go to work to pay my rent and eat. I had a lot of free time, which mostly was devoted to Morrowind in one way or another. Since then, I got married (14+ years now) and had two amazing daughters. Obviously the scope of responsibility on my shoulders increased exponentially, which also led to a proportional decrease in hobby or leisure time. Additionally I embarked upon an actual career - far different than merely holding a job. I was able to take all of the knowledge I gained and skills that I honed while making mods and building GHF/MMH and apply them in ways that others were willing to pay me for. I absolutely acknowledge that my modding experience made me the accomplished software engineer that I am today. The final point here is that not only have my circumstances changed, but my passions changed and evolved as well. At this point in my life, I would give up literally everything for the opportunity to spend time with my wife and children.

So what is all of this about? I imagine you can see where this is going. I have been weighing all of my options regarding GHF/MMH for quite some time now, struggling to figure out how to accommodate everything and everyone. Of course that isn't possible. I do have the outlines of a plan worked out that I want to present here for discussion. I hope it is apparent that I have never considered GHF/MMH to be entirely MINE, but rather belonging to the community. Many have put in the same or more time and effort into this that as I have. As such, I have no intention of merely pulling a plug and ending an era.

My intention now is to focus all of my resources into MMH. I have long been working on a new version of the site - I have scrapped and restarted this task numerous times as technology and my knowledge has changed and grown. At this rate, it will never be done and will always be something on my "to-do" list. Lately the only time I have put into any of this has been trying to fix critical problems and keep things limping along. We have finally hit a point where there are too many of those critical problems for me to stay on top of.

So my intention is to board up the doors and windows of GHF. I will archive the forums and any other creative content and disable further use of most site features. Essentially I will turn GHF into a museum or memorial of sorts of the wonderful past that this place has enjoyed, while at the same time eliminating the need to update, patch, and maintain the functionality.

Regarding MMH, I intend to do a large push and finish the new platform. Rather that being a sort of add-on site to GHF, it will be completely independent. User accounts from here will handled purely by MMH. Additionally I will finish my intended scope expansion and change it from Morrowind Modding History to simply Mod History. Everything from GHF downloads will be moved there. All of the many Oblivion mods that I saved from PES will be made available. Finally, I will build a new forum using a modern forum application. Unfortunately this one will not have all of the integrations and customizations that I built for GHF - but it will have quite a lot of the enhanced functionality I built here as part of the core application; so it will more or less be a lateral move.

Before I do anything, I want to hear from those who are still around and involved with this place. I am open to anything you have to say or ideas you may have. This post is already long enough, but I want to express my gratitude to those of you who have been a part of GHF, and especially to those who have devoted much energy to the running of GHF.

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