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[RELz] The New Ottoman Realism Mod

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The New Ottoman Realism Mod

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Ottoman Realism Mod

A mod for the Ottoman Empire to be as historically accurate and fun to play with.
This mod adds multiple missing units to the game and is compatible with most faction unlockers, though I personally recommend the NTF (Napoleon Total Factions mod). It affects both the European and Middle Eastern Campaigns. I have added all the essential units.

Units Added (European Campaign):

1.Trade Ship Dhow
2.Trade Ship Merchantmen
3.24-Gun Frigate
4.32-Gun Frigate
5.Carronade Frigate
6.Ottoman Bomb Ketch
7.74-Gun 2nd Rate Ship of the Line
8.106-Gun 1st Rate Ship of the Line
9.Nizam-I Cedit Provincial Line Infantry
10.Shaturnal Camel Gunners

Units Added (Middle-Eastern Campaign):
2.Mamelukes (for the Mameluke Faction)

How to install:

1. You will need a faction Unlocker in order to be able to play as the Ottoman Empire. I recommend Napoleon Total Factions from husslerITW :  

2. You will need WinRAR for this. You can download it from here: https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0&x-clickref=1100l7Zscn3r

3. Unzip the PFM.rar file - that is The Pack File Manager for Total War.

4. Copy and then Paste the "MissUnit_mod (Pack File)" to your Napoleon Total War Data Folder. Usually, the path is:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War\data

5. Copy and then Paste the "user.ntf_script" and "user.script" txt files to this location:  C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts (if it asks for an action, just click replace)





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That was a surprise to see a new TW mod hosted here. :D

Is it really necessary to add this mod to the user.script file?

Have you tried to convert the mod into movie, provided the mod is working of course, rather to have it as a mod pack?

10 hours ago, Satyr10 said:

Credits to husslerITW and Leonardo for the help in making this mod!

I dunno why you mention me there as I wasn't behind neither ETF or NTF, because the only thing I did was to mirror HusserlTW's modding work here just in case his mods vanish from the internet.  Besides I haven't helped you in this mod.

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Well HusserlTW's modding work is not so easily found anymore dude, and besides how can I provide a link that you posted without mentioning you?

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I know his modding work is hard to find these days, so that's why I mirrored here.

I don't understand, have I posted a link?  No, I haven't.  I only mentioned two mods HusserlTW's created ETF and NTF.

It's simple, just remove my name and that's about it.

Also, in case you didn't know, but adding an archive into a post are not recommended and doing that prevents guests to download PFM from that post.

Because either this and/or this (archive is missing) will happen and I doubt the PFM (too new) you added as an attachment in the OP would work for ETW mods.

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