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Pride the Arrogant

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SPOILERS SPOILERS - Massive spoilers for the 'Fullmetal Alchemist'/'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' manga/anime series. No, seriously, MASSIVE spoilers.


- Silencer



Name: Pride the Arrogant

Aliases: Selim Bradley, Selim, Bradley Jr., Jonathon.

Apparent Age: 6-7 years old

Actual Age: Well over 300+ years

Affiliations: Amestrian Military, Father, the Humonculus

Goals: The Completion of Father's Plan, the search for Sacrifices.



Pride, the Oldest Homunculus, and assumed to be the most powerful of his siblings. Created first by Father in an attempt to purge himself of prideful thoughts in `order` to keep himself focused on his one True Goal. Father, as it were, was the original, created by accident by an alchemist during the ancient time of Xerxes with help from the blood of a lowly slave, whom he named "Van Hohenheim". One of Pride's first jobs was to befriend the populace, and learn all he could about their intricate ways.


Many of them were refugees, some of them had come from the western lands, and others.. were already there, living in small tribes amongst the plains that once covered the Amestrian continent before industry had taken over. Many of them considered the new arrival that was Father a sign of a miracle, a god, and furthermost, worshiped him for his great powers over Alchemy.


As time went on, Pride began taking up the mantle of adopted child of each of the leaders of Amestris from the time of it's formation. Each time he would wait a good fifty, sixty years before taking on his next role, as to keep his identity a secret. And each time, he would appear sometimes younger, or older then his previous job.


And would always seem to vanish upon the dawning of what would be his 'fourteenth' birthday. He most recent job was to be the son of Fuhrer King Bradley of the Amestris, AKA his 'youngest sibling' Wrath. Pride has since, left Amestris under uncertain cricumstances which has launched him into the inter-dimensional Inn universe. He has no way back, and finds himself stranded.



Shadow Manipulation: While is outward appearence is that of a young boy, Pride's true form is a silhouette of shadowy darkness that appears as mostly black liquid-like shadows, with numerous eyes and mouthes. He can speak through them, and see through them, giving him a rather limited omni-presence. His shadows, however, can only appear within an immediate distance from his container body, but can expand to greater limits depending on the amount of light in any given area. This means, in complete darkness he cannot call upon his shadows, as shadow does not exist in complete darkness. There must be some light. He can quite literally cut through anything with his shadows, though carbon-reinforced metals or magic metals may have some resistance towards his shadows. Along with that said, he is able to use his shadows like arms, as they are just an extension of his body, and they can become anything from knife-like spikes, to tiny little hands at the end of long tendrils. This also means he can grab things as well, and his strength matches that of the second largest Humonculus.



Devouring Shadows: With the mentioned powers, Pride also has the ability to devour anything that comes in contact with his shadows, and sometimes even able to assimilate abilities that the victim may have had, as well as any flaws as well. It is however, undetermined if he can choose what he wants and doesn't want. And does not extend to human flaws.


Pride the Arrogant: True to his name, Pride is the most arrogant of his kind. Believing all else, save for Father, is below him. This means he sees all humans, and human-like creatures as little more then ants.


Philosopher's Stone: At his core, is the cacophony of wailing souls all crammed into a small gem at his center. This gem is known as a Philospher's stone, and grants Pride both finite regeneration, and a type of immortality. Rendering him completely ageless save for a natural aging ability that allows his container body to expand and retract to appear as if he's aged over a course of time. He is however, never seen more then five years older or younger then the age of eight, which is assumed to be his 'default' age. And he's identified by an Oroborus tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades.



Charismatic: Pride has lived for well over 300 years, and over that time has developed a fine sense of charisma and acting ability to fit each and every one of his roles over the course of his life. This means, he could quite literally pretend to be a little kid without anyone realizing his true intentions. It also means he can be very charismatic when speaking to any of the 'lesser' species.


Container Body: Pride's outward appearance is more of a container that allows him to walk around, then it is anything else. While his actual body is that of the shadows he controls. This means he's rather immune to feeling of physical pain, though he's able to appear human enough to pass. It also means that should he be caught in the heat of battle, his container could very well break and shatter. Should this happen, he would be reduced to that of a palm-sized infant, that is just as helpless. It also renders him unable to bleed.


Extreme Light and Darkness: As stated before, Pride can only materialize his shadows when there is enough light and darkness for shadows to exist. This being said, too much of one of the other can render him unable to materialize. And too much light has been known to hurt him.





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Added the spoiler warning.

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No spoilers for me - I've read the series. :biggrin:


This should be interesting.




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Just noting, I've edited your post, Ona, to warn of the spoilers contained within. It probably won't matter but it's pretty heavy-duty spoilerage, and we don't have the subtitle system anymore. :)

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