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Since I'm having a little too much fun with her in the Adventure forum, I"m just posting her bio here in case she wanders over to the Inn at some point.




Name: Cla’nee


Age: Young. Early twenties.


Race: Breton


Appearance: Cla'nee is below-average height for a Breton (short), with long dark hair and brown eyes. She usually wears dark robes when she's out and about, under her guise as a healer.




And some art.



Actress: Summer Glau






Weapon of Choice: She has a decent number of short blades hidden on and about her body, though she's good at poisons, too. Never, ever give her a bow. It won't end well.


Occupation: Healer. Honest.


Story: (She's my oldest character, so it's looooong!)


Cla’nee was born on the Waterfront, and life only got worse from there. She, along with many other children, was a member of the Thieves Guild at a very young age. From about age eight to age twelve her home was a basement of an abandoned house were the other young Pickpockets lived – some orphans, others preferring the cold house to their real families.


She developed her skills at infiltration then. Due to her small size, she tended towards jewelry for her thefts – jewels that were kept right next to their sleeping owners. She learned to be good really fast. The alternative was being dead.


At about the age of fourteen, her family decided that they had too many daughters after all, and sold her to a nearby brothel. Obviously, since slavery is illegal, she was technically “apprenticed,” and had a contract that allowed her to leave once she was eighteen. However, her parents disappeared before that time, and her contract – along with any proof as to her real age – vanished with them.


She carries many scars from this time.


She taught herself to be a healer in an effort to be kept away from the customers. One day, however, one of the customers went too far. A drunken Nord nearly crippled one of the girls. A furious Cla’nee threw him out and confronted the Madam, but to no avail. So she decided to take matters into her own hands. She lured the Nord down to the edge of the lake, gave him poison-laced ale to keep him quiet, and killed him slowly and painfully.


From there, she fled to Skingrad, with no one the wiser.




Playlist: (New songs marked with *)


Tara Maclean – Evidence

Vanessa Mae -

Firefly – River’s Dance

Gerard McMann –

Hammerfall – Dreams Come True

Alanis Morissette –

Phil Collins –

Silent Hill 3 -

Spring Awakening -

* Vienna Teng -

* Tara Maclean -

* Sarah McLachlan -

* Vertical Horizon -

* Muse -


- Amanda Palmer



Young Cla'nee's Playlist:


Recoil –

Silent Hill 3 –

Conjure One –

* Tara Maclean -

* Tara Maclean -

* Les Miserables - On My Own

* Les Miserables - Castle on a Cloud

* Les Miserables - I Dreamed A Dream


Select Lyrics:


(Tara Maclean – Evidence)


Can you hear the child in tears

Whose innocence was stolen from her hands

And can you hold her in your arms

And tell her that you'll try to understand

When there's no way in hell you can


(Hammerfall – Dreams Come True)


I was the brooding night and you were dawn.

Saving me, for I was forlorn, in your light I am reborn.


Looking down into those eyes

I know, I'll be lost and never found again.

Kiss me once and I will surely melt and die,

kiss me twice and I will never leave your side, Dreams Come True


(Phil Collins – Two Worlds)


No words describe a mother's tears

No words can heal a broken heart

A dream is gone, but where there's hope


(Silent Hill 3 - Letter from the Lost Days)


Hey there to my future self

If you forget how to smile

I have this to tell you

Remember it once in a while

Ten years ago your past self

Prayed for your happiness

Please don't lose hope


(Vienna Teng - The Tower)


the one who survives by making the lives

of others worthwhile

she's coming apart

right before my eyes




she carries the act so convincingly the fact is

sometimes she believes it

that she can be happy the way things are

be happy with the things she's done


(Tara Maclean - If I Fall)


You came here screaming

And never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer

A place for you somewhere


Sweet little fighter

Sweet little scar

Sweet little fire in my heart


(Sarah McLachlan - Fear)


Wind in time

Rapes the flower trembling on the vine

Nothing yields to shelter it

From above

They say temptation will destroy our love

The never ending hunger


(Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want)


Somewhere there's speaking

It's already coming in

Oh and it's rising at the back of your mind

You never could get it

Unless you were fed it

Now you're here and you don't know why


But under skinned knees and the skid marks

Past the places where you used to learn

You howl and listen

Listen and wait for the

Echoes of angels who won't return


(Muse - Undisclosed Desires)


Soothe me

I'll make you feel pure

Trust me

You can be sure


I want to reconcile the violence in your heart

I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask

I want to exorcise the demons from your past

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart



Select Lyrics (Young Cla'nee):


(Silent Hill 3 – You’re Not Here)


You gladly gave me everything you had and more, You craved my happiness,

When you make me feel joy it makes you smile, But now I feel your stress,

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no And who has time for tears,

Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love, 'till now...


(Conjure One – Center of the Sun)


I look into your eyes

I am at the center of the sun

And I cannot be hurt

By anything this wicked world has done


(Tara Maclean - That's Me)


Now I don't know what to believe

This girl made of steel with

her heart on her sleeve

Looking for someone

to love and leave

That's me


Caught on the floor now

This bottle in my hand

In the confusion

It seemed the safest place to land

Now I can't stand


(Les Miserables - On My Own)


On my own

Pretending he's beside me

All alone

I walk with him till morning

Without him

I feel his arms around me

And when I lose my way I close my eyes

And he has found me


(Les Miserables - I Dreamed A Dream)


And still I dream he'll come to me

That we will live the years together

But there are dreams that cannot be

And there are storms we cannot weather

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Guest J_Slr

Oh say! I gets to do it!




Sorry for my absence, I have been away all weekend :sad: I really missed this place!!!!


Edit:Stupid fucking Cross post!

Edited by J_Slr

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Oh gods...


'Gods!' He worships the Nine! IMPOSTER! GET HIM!!!!




*whips out pamphlet* Worshipping Sithis will garuntee you a place in the Void and a lifetime supply of philosophical discussions and headaches. Worshippers are generally free of attacks by the Dark Brotherhood, as nine out of ten worshippers are members themselves. Join our church and embark on a spiritual journey of screaming "I don't fucking know!!!" today! (Those who refuse will be stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen.)

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Guest J_Slr

Well tbh I says gods quite often, but thats because I find the malazan pantheon far more interesting than everyone elses!

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Guest J_Slr

I know, I am cursed to suffer the indignity of this forever!

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Guest theinfamouskat

We could just start deleting all your posts. :tongue:

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Guest J_Slr

That would be good, then I will have one less forum to visit :tongue:

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Guest theinfamouskat

Anyone think we need more suggestive casting? I think we need more suggestive casting. :biggrin:



I've thought about her a while, but after the Oscar's last night, I decided to throw it up here for everyone.


In my mind... I always see Cla'nee as Natalie Portman. *le shrug*








AND TO BOOT!! Natalie when she was just fourteen. :biggrin:


Ironically, she was in a movie called the Professional. See if you recognize our other Innling (as if you couldn't).







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*claps hands*


I've been torn between her and Summer Glau, really. Though Cla'nee was born in her most original form from Audrey Hepburn's Eliza Doolittle. *giggles* But Miss Hepburn is just too much of a lady for the action scenes.


Summer, on the other hand, is a well known practitioner of Waif Fu.

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Guest Rahvin

I see Cla'nee more as Natalie Portman than that women.

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Well it's kind of like...hurm...River Tam or Padme/Evey? River Tam or Padme/Evey?



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Guest theinfamouskat

LAWL. Actually, the way she wears her hair for the Other Boleyn Girl? The tight braid? TOTALLY makes me think of Cla'nee. (If you haven't seen it, SEE IT. IT WAS AMAZING. I'm usually not one for "Historic Fiction" because 1) if usually messes it up and 2) if it doesn't, it's usually INCREDIBLY BORING. But if you're all about drama and sexual intrigue? ntm Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansen are in it? It's a GREAT FILM.)


Also, if you're going off Audrey, Nat's a good choice. :biggrin:


And I can TOTALLY see the Eliza in the character. :laughing2dw:

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Guest J_Slr

FUCK! Now I am torn! I like Natalie and to its fits as Cla'nee.....


But Summer Glau is teh awesome and Cla'nee is awesome and....


:blowup6ba: :blowup6ba: :blowup6ba:

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Guest theinfamouskat

LAWL, one more Natalie pic that I found while looking for something else!!





But what I was looking for, and I'm tossing it up here because I'm too damn lazy to go open up Civello's page, is my Maria Civello. DEFINITELY Elizabeth Mitchell. Not sure why, but there's just a... softness and simplicity to her that makes me think Maria. That, and she's got that sort of beauty that almost catches you off-guard.








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Well, if you can't decide, here's a merge of the two! (And another possibility: Jennifer Connelly. You know, the girl from Labyrinth? Now all growed up.)

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Guest theinfamouskat




...No fair. Now I REALLY can't decide.


EDIT: OH! And epic irony? Check out who she's married too. Google it, I DARE you. :biggrin:

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