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Name: Claes


Age: 22


Gender: Male


Race: Breton

Appearance: Claes is average height for a Breton, with dark hair and brown eyes. He wears his Mage’s robes, as befits a Council Aide, though he complains that he dislikes the style. He also wears glasses - which I predict will be broken shortly after he meets Venos.


claes.jpg <--- Doesn't he look like a nerd? :mrgreen:



Weapon of Choice: He dislikes the Cyrodiilian custom of weak wooden Mages staves and insists on carrying a "real" staff from Morrowind. Meaning a nice solid steel one that he can actually hit people with, despite the enchantments. But what he really wants is a Wizard's Staff - though he's technically not of high enough rank. He’s a decent hand with a short sword, though he prefers spells. No, he can’t use a bow either.


Occupation: A mage, specializing in custom enchantments and spells. Currently acting as an Aide to the Mages’ Council in Cyrodiil.


Story: Claes, like his twin sister Claennis, was brought up on the Waterfront of the Imperial City. He is technically the oldest of the children in his family, being born just before his twin. He also has three younger siblings: A brother – Jean (now 12), and two sisters - Liselle (now 16), and Adrienne (now 7)


His youth was mostly uneventful – as uneventful as a childhood on the Waterfront could be. Unlike his twin, he didn’t join the Thieves Guild, choosing instead to stay at the home she disliked so much and help raise his younger siblings. Their father was an incurable Arena gambler, and they were often short on money.


He and his twin were both fairly bright children, and Claennis, who adored her older brother, often brought home books that she’d stolen for him to read. In return, he taught her what he had learned from them – reading, writing, and some mathematics. It was the only way he could coax her back home and he took advantage of it whenever he could. His dream was to join the Mages Guild.


Right about the time he turned fourteen, his father came home and announced that they were leaving. To Morrowind. The problem was that they hadn’t the money to do so. The only way to get the money was to apprentice one of the twins – thus reducing the passage fee by one, and gaining the extra money required in one fell swoop.


Claennis was the twin chosen, and Claes was heartbroken. And furious when he discovered that she was being apprenticed to a brothel. But though he begged and argued and even struck his father – she was left behind, and the rest of the family traveled to the city of Sadrith Mora. Before they left, he promised Claennis he’d come back for her someday.


Shortly after arriving in Morrowind, his father – who had joined the Fighters Guild – was killed on an assignment, leaving Claes to care for both his siblings and his pregnant mother. Despite his youth, he went to the local Mages Guild leader and begged him to let him join. The leader decided to bend the rules a little.


The Guild took the boy under their wing and gave him odd jobs – organizing potions, labeling herbs, cleaning out alchemical equipment – perhaps paying him more than his work was worth. He started following Dabienne, the Guild Hall enchanter around, watching her work. She discovered he had a talent for working with soul gems and mystical energies and began training him in earnest.


Just before his nineteenth birthday, he caught the attention of a visiting Mages Council member – who offered him a job as his aide. Claes jumped at the chance to return to Cyrodiil and look for the sister who had been left behind.


He doesn’t talk about what he found – save that she died.



Notes: Claes is quiet and studious - at first glance. Fully aware of his magical talent and intelligence, he can come off as a bit annoying. He's also sharp-tongued, strong-minded, and has a quick temper, often losing his patience with those who "Just don't get it - Gods! Could they be more dense!" A bit of a bad habit in `order`ing around people he shouldn't. But he's also quite kind and protective of his family. (Remind you of anyone?)

Topics to not discuss with him: His sister. His father. His eyesight. Whether or not soul gems actually contain souls - NO. FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME, NO.






Angsty Surviving Twin - Claes spent several years thinking he was this.


Big Brother Complex – Claes is very protective of his twin. Very protective.


Bishonen - Yeah, he’s short, delicate, and kinda pretty. Poor kid.


Fantastic Science – Claes uses magic like science – he’s a spellcrafter, after all. He knows all the laws and limitations and loves to try and figure out clever ways around them. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it blows up.


Gravity is a Harsh Mistress – Those who run afoul of Claes’ favorite spell (a specially-crafted Telekinesis spell) usually find this out in a variety of painful ways. Make sure you’re not standing near a window if you insult him.


Half Identical Twins – Claes and Cla’nee aren't precisely identical, but they look an awful lot alike, especially when they were younger.


Magi Babble – Claes does this a lot. I mean, a lot.


Omnidisciplinary Scientist – A minor version thereof. In `order` to be a good enchanter/spellcrafter, the mage must have a good grasp of all the other schools of magic.


Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness – He falls prey to this from time to time, and then gets annoyed when he’s forced to ‘dumb it down’ for those who aren’t career mages.


Theme Twin Naming - Claes and Claennis. (Nee was not happy about this.) It becomes even more obvious when Claes calls her Clae.


Twin Telepathy - Oddly enough, Claes and Cla’nee don’t seem to have anything like this. They’re highly sensitive – but not to each other.


Uncanny Family Resemblance – Claes supposedly looks just like his late uncle.

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Guest Rahvin

OOC: I think that if he meets Selene one of two things will happen. Either they will get along like long lost friends, or they will just completely clash. Looks good either way.


Just out of interest though, what does he insist on carrying?

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Heh. Aren't we forgetting something?




There we go!


Should be interesting...once I finally get around to catching up...

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So...for Claes' casting, I'm thinking Sean Maher. What do you guys think?



(Of course, given that he plays Simon Tam, I may just have to choose Summer Glau for Cla'nee. :biggrin:)

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I shall assume "guh" is a sign of approval. :biggrin:



The though process went - "Need a sexy geek-boy, need a sexy geek boy...Simon Tam! Of course!"

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*points up* Better? :biggrin:



(It was a screenshot from the Serenity movie - I guess that explains both the weird lighting and the no Photoshopping.)

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Tropes list for Claes in the first post! (It's pretty short right now, as he hasn't gotten the chance to develop as much as the others. After all, the poor guy's been in prison.)

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