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Guest Demi-Doctor


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Guest Demi-Doctor

Name: Arik


Gender: Male


Age: Early to Mid-Twenties


Race: Nord, at least half (of this he is relatively sure). His mother never really kept track of her… clients (Nor did her own mother so he could be quarters of other things. He’s a mutt for sure though)


Personality: Charming, and eerily so. He is exceptional at reading people. There is more to him than he lets on. He avoids attachment and has made immense efforts to deaden himself. He has a smooth and suave façade, and he no longer lets anyone in on who and what he really is.


Appearance: He is tall by most accounts, (somewhere around 6’6”) even for his race. Blondish brown hair and blue eyes. Athletic and muscular build.


Actor: Garret Hedlund




Dress: Typically trousers and a long-sleeved shirt with a jacket and some leather shoes. The jacket and shoes are the only constants. The trousers and shirt tend to be whatever he can get his hands on.


Occupation: Street performer (contortionist). He will whore himself out to make money too, but he tries to avoid that. He still sleeps around a lot, with those he wants. He usually gets his way.


Backstory: Comes from a line of whores (seriously, not kidding. Back as far as his grandmother, maybe farther). He doesn’t remember most of his childhood and what he does remember is not good. He was abused physically, and though he’s never thought about the implications of the abuse he was subject to, it is very likely that he was abused sexually as well. The farthest back and clearest memory he has is learning contortionism from a man who called himself Nero.


There was a girl who was also being taught by Nero whom he was vaguely involved with. She was the first person he ever really let in, but when she cut him loose she told him that she was just using him to make Nero jealous and that she was only actually interested in Nero. Nero chased him out of Skingrad, where he had been centered.


Since then he’s avoided attachment and, ultimately, the truth about his feelings.





Teeth by Lady Gaga

The Stranger by Billy Joel

Love Game by Lady Gaga

The Dark I Know Well from Spring Awakening (Kind of... I mean... he hasn't really thought about it, but... yeah, its in his backstory)

You Don't Know How it Feels by Tom Petty

Prostitution is the World's Oldest Profession (And, Dear Madame, I'm a Professional) by Cobra Starship

Dress Me Like a Clown by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra


EDIT: First image I used was MASSIVE and scared the crap out of me when I looked at everything. So now there's a smaller image.

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Guest theinfamouskat

We so need to have a big chat about this. I'm stoked. And the best part... once he and I have spoken, well...


SPOILAHS.[/River Song]


... and we may or may not share. =P

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Guest Demi-Doctor

I'm very excite, dude. Yes. Excite. Its intentional.

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