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Name: Lirien


Gender: Female


Race: Sun Elf / Red Dragon (from Faerun)


Age: Unkown, but into the thousands.


Appearance: For an Elf of her apparent age, Lirien looks very, very tired. Almost sickly. She's pale and thin, with shoulder-length red hair and light green eyes. She also has brilliant red dragon-type wings and a spattering of tiny transparent scales around her eyes and on the backs of her hands.


Anyone sensitive to magic will notice that she radiates a hodgepodge of illusion and healing magic. It's not a...healthy type of magic. It feels like it's been cobbled together and is barely holding up. It stutters. (Note: Anything living that touches her wings will pass through them - they are illusions. She does not like this. At all.)


The Fun Stuff: Lirien has spent several hundred years as an adventurer in the Underdark and Lower Planes and has pissed off several high-ranking fiends. The sheer amount of healing magic holding her together has become unstable. It's now starting to break down. Old injuries will randomly re-open and must be healed immediately. Miir can usually detect these magical 'blips' and warn her a moment before they happen.


Dress/Equipment: Lirien keeps herself covered by a voluminous dark blue cloak with slits in the back for her wings and many, many pockets. The cloak must contain a pocket dimension of some sort, as she's been known to reach in a pocket and pull out a Frost Giant's battleaxe. No one's sure what she wears underneath it. She also wears a small over-the-shoulder pouch over the cloak, from which she can pull dozens and dozens of healing potions in clear bottles. The potions smell like olives.


She's accompanied by her pseudodragon familiar - a rust-colored dragon the size of a small cat. The dragon's name is Miir. Miir usually perches on her shoulder. She seems to have the intelligence of a monkey, and loves shiny objects. Lirien seems to be able to communicate with her.


Occupation: Retired sorceress/dragon disciple. She immune to fire and can conjure it at any time. She has extensive knowledge of the Planes, particularly the Lowers and Sigil.


Actress: Uma Thurman






Pink Floyd -

Globus - Diem Ex Dei

Krypteria - The Promise

Kamelot - Descent of the Archangel

Kamelot - The Human Stain

Kamelot - March of Mephisto

Apocalyptica - Stroke

Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming (Still)

Era -

Murray Gold- This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home




Arch Enemy - Mephistopheles. The 'arch' is completely her fault. She could have been happy with banishing him from Toril, but nooooo....


Amusing Injuries - This wasn't the intention...but there's only many times you can say "Oh crap, my kidney exploded again" before it becomes funny. (Though admittedly, they often give her serious problems).


The Chessmaster - In her past - though she's seriously out of practice. After repeatedly failing to defeat Mephistopheles on the battlefield she turned to politics, and ended up pissing off enough Powers that she now can't set foot in Sigil without fending off another assassin every few hours. Bother.


Deal with the Devil - Wednesday, go grocery shopping. Thursday, sell your soul in a horribly unfair deal with the Lord of the Eighth Hell. Friday, wake up in a dungeon with a hangover and have a classic My God What Have I Done moment...


Determinator - She does not lose. She does not give up. Ever.


Face Heel Turn - Though she's possibly regretting it.


He Who Fights Monsters - In her desperation to get out of the Hells, she's well on her way to ensuring she'll go there anyway. We're desperately, desperately hoping that Dove is wrong about how Planar magic works and that this doesn't become literal.


I Did What I Had To Do - Ever since the aforementioned deal, this is her mantra. Both before and during the current story arc.


It's Personal - Take her soul? Bother. Take her wings? Uh-oh.


Lady of War - She was one of these in her prime. Now, however...


Last Dance - Hang onto your hats.


Phlebotinum Breakdown - Born of Rule of Cool and runs on Rule of Drama.


Playing with Fire - Oh hell yes. Remember, kids: the percieved badassery of any given action will increase tenfold if the action is performed while on fire. 'Nuff said.


Scars are Forever - Sort of. She insists that regrowing or replacing her torn-off wings is impossible. Or 'not good enough.' Right. Sure.


Snow means Death - It also means 'phobia.'


So You Want to Live Forever - Mephistopheles gets her soul when she dies, so living forever seems like a good option, right? Right? Or at least living until she can kill Mephistopheles, right? Plus it would give her all the time she might need to re-set her Karma Meter, right?


Squishy Wizard - Taken to the extreme.


Take That Me - Meta. She began as a very old Mary Sue with the Sue-ish arrogance played for drama, introduced to the Inn just to be killed off. But then we discovered plot. And horrible things happened.


Your Days Are Numbered - Her Phlebotinum Breakdown moves at the speed of the plot, but we're pretty sure she doesn't have long left.



Select Lyrics


1- Remember when you were young?

You shone like the sun

Shine on you crazy diamonds

Now there's a look in your eyes

Like black hoes in the sky

Shine on you crazy diamonds

You were caught in the crossfire

Of childhood and stardom

Blown on the steel breeze

Come on you target for faraway laughter

Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!


3- He said "just sign your name across the dotted line

And take advantage of the goods I have to offer

It won't cost you much, just a single drop of blood

And I'll hand you the things you have long been wishing for

It's an easy way to chose

What do you have to lose?"


4- Speak, my friend, you look surprised

I thought you knew I'd come disguised on angel wings in white

I can make your dreams come true

What a couple: me and you on a journey through the night

I can show you everything so vividly

You won't deny me


5- Hear the ticking of the clock, the sound of life itself

No one really wants to die to save the world

Tell me that you're torn assunder from how we fail to learn

And tell me as the earth goes under - where's your anger now?

'Cause it hurts to be alive, my friend

In this masquerade where all one day must die

Don't you wish you were unborn again?

Just for a minute? Just for a minute more?


6- Chase the heathen call, we belong, you and I

Unison in all you deny


I am the thorn in your side that seeks accomplishment

Reminding the mortal of death

I am the spur of your pride, an angel heavensent

The master of all

I am the urge of the flesh


8- The me that you know, he had some second thoughts

He's covered with scabs, he is broken and sore

The me that you know, he doesn't come around much

That part of me isn't here anymore


I could try to get away but I've strapped myself in

I could try to scratch away the sound in my ears

I can feel it peeling away all of my bad parts

I don't want to listen but it's all too clear


9- I'll save you from yourself

From those demons of the night

They promise fame and fortune

All that you eagarly desire

I'll save you from yourself

From those voices calling you

You sell your soul to evil

And you'll be dancing forever

Edited by Morrigain

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Guest q21



2 new characters in twenty minutes...

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Guest theinfamouskat

Double approved. We just need to have a permalink to it somewhere on the Inn page. Bleh.


And while I'm at it, I might post up for my new characters as well.

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q, I'm gonna play fast and loose with magic in the Planes here. I'll shoot you a pm so that I don't accidentally mess up Sebs.

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Guest q21

Sebs doesn't actually fit into anywhere in the planes, so far as FR goes... I've been playing fast and lose with the planes myself since he got here... if I still have it I'll send you the PM I sent chick and ama a few months ago describing Sebs nature in a bit more detail... if I don't have it can check if its still in one of their inboxes.

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Guest J_Slr

Let me help:




And OOO! this looks interesting!

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Guest Rahvin

Immune to Fire? That might freak Rahvin out a bit.

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Guest q21

... I haz spoilers.... is very interesting character indeed....

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Vent! Am on. Am bored.


EDIT: Chick, dude, I think I must have sent you a pm about 30 seconds after you went offline. *facepalm* Did we miss each other by minutes AGAIN!?!


DOUBLE_EDIT: I stayed up an hour. You owe me. :tongue: (Or do I owe you? *scratches head* *gives up and goes to sleep*)

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I'm in the process of updating her bio. I don't know exactly why this song reminds me of her. But it does. :sad:


Chick, when is that...thing that we talked about last time we were both on Vent...happening? I need to figure out a timeframe for injuries.

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Guest theinfamouskat

Erm.......... soon? I need to wrap some things up in another thread before... it, ah.. might be a while. Maybe a week unless I can churn stuff out at remarkable speed. *feels a little ill*

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Somehow I get the feeling that the discussed scene will require the need for a raincoat. Or a nice tarp. :blink:

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Guest theinfamouskat

Best be writing them backwards so ye can reads them. :biggrin:

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Updated her playlist to reflect recent, er, developments. ^.^


I had a dream about her last night. Sorta. Sometimes if I'm thinking about a scene when I go to bed I'll write it in my head that night. And I dream-wrote a very important (hint: squish) scene for her, and it was lovely. Am excited. *bounces up and down*

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I am procrastinating taking a break from homework. :biggrin: Trope time!


Arch Enemy

Amusing Injuries

Artifical Limb/Scars are Forever

Deal with the Devil

I Did What I Had To Do

Incendiary Exponent/Kill It With Fire

It's Personal

Lady of War

Phelbotinum Overload/Phelbotinum Breakdown

So You Want to Live Forever

To Hell and Back

Winged Humanoid

Your Days are Numbered


(And her backstory invokes copious amounts of Out of the Inferno, Blood Splattered Wedding Dress, Snow Means Death, The Chessmaster, and Asskicking.)

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Updated first post. :biggrin:


Ama, when/where do you want to pick up with Lirien and Dove? After the dance?

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Guest q21
Scars are Forever - Healing magic can't regrow lost limbs. It?s a sore spot.


Correction: She has not yet found anyone with healing magic that can regrow limbs. It can be done.

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