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Please submit your character as a new thread in this forum with the title of the thread being your character name.


The following must be included with your submission:


Name: First + Last [if applicable]


Description of how you look: [Yes you can have a hood that covers half your face and you have to look at your feet in `order` to avoid bumping into tables and walk like a duck.]


This is optional but could be included: A bio and background. It can be as boasting or misleading as you want.



Spelling + Grammar.


I can't stress that enough. No chatspeak abbreviations.

Accidental errors will be let go, but laziness won't.


And as last advice: Serious characters are bloody fun to play as too!


Have fun and I'll be coming around in the threads and stamping them with an 'approved' :)




[Note] : Before I get strangled English is not my first language so I will have some slip ups myself :P

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