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Interior II

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She looked around, eyes alight. From where she stood, she could see huge orange dunes stretching out in all directions. Dropping to one knee, she scooped up a handful of the sand, letting it run through her fingers.


- - - She held - - -


She growled under her breath and pushed her hand in deeper, beneath that first, warm layer, to the dark coolness beneath.


- - - She held out a roll to him, the man staring at her with large green eyes. She shook the roll. “Bread. It’s very good.” After a moment, the man laughed quietly, said something under his breath and took the roll. - - -






Hahahahahah! Wonderful! This is wonderful! Perfect! She straightened and spun in circles, hugging herself. She kicked the sand up as she laughed and danced, the golden grains darkening in the air. You’re mine now, little girl. All mine. I will pick you apart as the wild dogs of your desert picked me apart. You and your angel-blood.


The shadows at her feet deepened and boiled, swirling around her like snakes. Slowly, they oozed up her ‘body’, wrapping around her limbs. She raised one dark hand over her head, murmuring, This place is too bright, though. We shall have to fix that.


Starting with her fingertips, her mindform disintegrated like ink in water. Tendrils of darkness coiled away. The writhing shadows split off from hers and slithered away as fast as they could go. The dunes darkened and melted, swirling around where she had once stood. Something – something far darker than anything else – fell away and down, down, down…


She purred in the back of her throat. Where is she? Find her for me, my selves. Find her quickly, quickly, quickly…We shall have this new one, dear ones…


* * *


The woman was in shock, already retreating into her own mind after killing the Sultana. It was simple to quietly shove her aside. To take the reins from her hands so gently that she didn’t even notice they were gone. Somewhere between one step and another, control slipped to her. They both wanted to find the same person, there was no argument from Reina. She was more than willing to let another take control.


But seeing her toy so soon after nearly broke that fragile control. Seeing, smelling his blood on his chest made her want to tear into him and taste him again. Reina had recoiled at the sensations that suddenly raced through her body. No…not him…what…?


She quickly fastened her attention on her toy’s companion, the protective hand he had on her shoulder. How dare she be near her toy? How dare he touch another woman? Be close to her? The boiling anger was familiar, and Reina settled back down, floating silently again. She muttered something about the angel-blood and fled before she killed either one of them.


* * *


After the close call with her toy, she’d taken care to ease Reina to the back of her own mind before she started undressing her new body, preparing it for what was to come. Reina didn’t notice. All that came from her was the occasional soft whimper. Not the least reaction to Sebs’ hands on her body. Until her husband walked in.


Then she screamed.

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: :blink:


So... MANY... responses to... MAKE!



*frantically writes shtuff*

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: So Ama can play with something while I start working on TEH EPIC SCENES. :tongue:



"Dominic. Oh G-Gods, Dom. I love you so much. I?m so sorry. I love you. She lied ? I love you more than enough. M-more than anything..."


Reina felt the air around her growing cold, being carried away from herself by a dark current. She struggled, running or swimming or clawing at the nothing around her. No, no, no, no, no!!


She was kneeling on a vibrant orange dune, sun blindingly bright overhead and the air hot and dry. "No! No, no..." She looked around, rising from where she was and spinning in a frantic circle. A whimper rose unbidden in her throat. "No, no, no, no nononono," she mumbled, starting to cry as she looked around the vast desert. She fell to her knees again, started digging, half expecting to find tile and blood underneath. It was all a dream, it had to be a dream, it...


She was on her feet again, looking up at the sky and the sun, white and making everything shimmer. It hurt her eyes more than the tears. "Allo?!" she screamed at the empty wastes. She spun around, looking in the other direction as the sobs became worse. Her voice was ragged and torn. "ALLO?!"


OOC: :sad: Poor Reina. This was a bad idea. *pets the poor broken girl*

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OOC: Added a bit more in the first post.







Hello? Hello? Is ? is someone else there? Reina turned to see a hand appear over the top of another dune, it clawed at the sand for a moment, found purchase, and a head lifted into view. It was a woman, tall and beautiful. She climbed to her feet, waving. Is it you?


Reina took a few tentative steps, the sand dragging at her feet. She felt as though she were suffocating as she called out, ?I ? I?m over here!?


Oh, don?t talk, dear! Wait, I?ll teach you how to do this right. Just hang on. The woman slid down her dune and began scrambling up Reina?s. Reina reached out a hand to help her up ? and saw herself staring into a set of mismatched eyes. She screamed and fell over backwards.


?No!? Her lungs seized and she began to cough violently. A gentle hand rubbed her back between her shoulder blades.


It?s all right, dear. It?s all right. There?s no air here. The memory of your lungs aren?t sure what to do. So think at me instead, all right? You?ll get used to it soon.


Reina shook her head. You ? you?re her! You?re - !


Chayka? Yes and no. The woman looked a little sad. There are other sides to her. She wouldn?t be half as insane if there wasn?t. I?m one of the ones who lives in the back. She waved a hand at the sky. You see how light it is here? She?s ignoring us. She?s not even bothering to take this part from you yet.


Reina tried to speak, but only found herself starting to cry. The woman gathered her into her arms and rocked her back and forth. Shhh?shhh?oh, dear one. I?m sorry.


What?s going to happen to me? Reina wailed.


This isn?t your body anymore, sweetie. If you?re strong enough, then maybe?maybe you won?t be eaten. But you have to be strong. Keep your eyes open. Don?t trust anyone in the darkness, all right? She gave her a squeeze. But you can?t stay here. It?ll be better if you go to it, rather than wait for it to come to you. I can?t go with you. Find a guide. But don?t trust her. No matter what she looks like. She?ll take you where you need to go. But most important ?


The woman stopped speaking, her head whipping up. At the edge of the horizon, a huge cloud of dust billowed, growing and moving deceptively slowly. As it came closer, Reina could tell it was moving much faster than she had thought. Knowing what a sandstorm could do, she froze, fear flashing in her eyes.


Mind blank spell, the woman whispered. Her hand whipped out and grabbed Reina?s wrist, dragging her down the far side of the dune. Hurry!


Wait! No! High ground is bet - !


This isn?t a storm, dear, it?s a spell! We have to take cover! She pressed Reina tightly against the ground, glanced up over her shoulder, and then covered the other woman?s body with her own. Just remember, you don?t have to breathe! I hope I see you again?!


The spell hit.


* * *


Reina opened her eyes.


It was dim now. The dimness of twilight. She was lying on a flat surface, cool against her cheek. The other woman was gone. The dunes were gone. It almost looked as though they?d been scathed away. Trembling, she climbed to her feet. Which way was?



?Soren.? He looked up and she kissed the mottled bone softly before taking his hand and pressing the handle of the knife into what used to be his palm.


He stared at it blankly for a moment before all the puzzle pieces suddenly crashed into place. The half of his face that still wore flesh curled up in a vicious smile. ?Of course,? he breathed.


?Freely given, my wolf.? She ran a hand down her front. ?Among other things, later.?


?If I had my lips, I?d kiss you.?


Chayka grinned. ?That and more, my wolf.?



Oh no. No. NO! Her stomach tried to rebel, but it no longer existed. She fell to her hands and knees, shoulders heaving. Chayka was going to?


In her body, she was going to?


Hey. You. You?re a friend of Macgrath?s, aren?t you?

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Guest theinfamouskat

Reina's whole body went rigid.


She flipped herself over, scrambling away from the voice behind her. "No, don't--!" She stared for a moment, breathing hard. She felt confusion twist her features as she stared at the little girl in front of her, rocking back and forth on the tips of her toes back to her heels, mismatched eyes watching her with increasing interest. "Wh... who are y--"


You are his friend, aren't you? the little girl asked with a large smile.


Reina was still trembling, not daring to move. "Wh-whose friend?"




Reina's mind raced for the memories. They seemed to be harder to remember, everything blurred and slightly out of focus...



...hands cradling her back as she started to cry, sharp words, a gift.


'He killed your mother...'



Reina suddenly looked up. "Macgrath... yes, I... I know him, we..." Her head suddenly hurt again. How did she know him? What had he done. Something at the smallest part of her was screaming, but it was beyond her hearing and did nothing but intensify her headache.


The little girl frowned. What's wrong? Isn't he your friend?

Reina shut her eyes tightly, pulling her knees against her chest and shuddering. "I... don't remember..."

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The little girl crouched in front of her, trying to peer up at her face. A brief smile flitted over her lips. Crawling forward on her hands and knees, she said in a soft voice, He killed your mom?


?I ? I don?t know. I ? did he??


You?re crying. He must have. It?s okay, someone once killed my mom, too. She raised one tiny hand to pat Reina?s face. Macgrath was here. He hurt us. Someone took him away before he could hurt me too badly, though.




Someone nice. And very kind. And strong. I?ll show you him later. Would you like that?


?I don?t know.?


Are you all right? Can you stand up? Did Magrath tell you about us? If he did, he probably lied.




People always lie. I?m used to it. He lied a lot. She took Reina?s face in her hands. Do you need help? I can help you. I?d like to help you.


Reina hadn?t yet opened her eyes. ?I?I?m not sure where I am.?


In Chayka. This is her head. Everything here is her.


?It?s dark.?


It?s always dark here. You should really try and think instead of talking. It takes less effort. Didn?t anyone tell you that?

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Guest theinfamouskat

Reina stared at the young girl, head pulsing. She didn't understand.


The girl giggled, nodding excitedly. Yes! Just like that!


Reina frowned. Just like what?


See! the little girl laughed. Just like that!


Reina continued to stare. I don't understand.


The girl shrugged. That's alright. A lot of people here don't understand. But I want to help you... if that's what you want?


Reina struggled to her feet, the little girl holding both her hands and helping her up. She looked around the darkness, a fresh wave of lonliness rushing over her. I want out of here, she desperately thought, realizing she was shaking. I want none of this to ever have happened, and I want to see Dominic again, and I want him to hold me--with both arms--and tell me this was all just a horrible dream. From the slavers until now. I just want to wake up...


The little girl's expression reminded Reina of those healers that sat at the bedsides of the sick, telling them for the first time that they were not going to get better, or that that leg--that arm--was going to have to come off. You can't wake up. None of us ever wake up... unless we're sleeping. But even then we don't sleep. She tugged on Reina's hands. Come on... this way.


That feeling again; a screw tightening in her gut as though lightning was about to strike her and nearly miss. Where are we going?

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Down. Away. It?ll be dangerous. She stuck out her chin stubbornly. But I know the way. I can help you. Anyway, Macgrath got out. I?m sure if I take you the same way, you can, too. I hope if I do my job ? take enough people - I can get out, too. She pulled Reina forward a few steps, then paused. Actually?um?one of us said she knows you. She wants to see you. She might be able to help a little. Do you mind if I take you to her?


Knows me? Why ? why would she know me?


The little girl shrugged. I don?t know. A lot of people here seem to know you. But this one?s the closest. We can try the others if she can?t help. Oh! And before we go! She let go of Reina?s hands and skipped a few steps away. This is all in Chayka?s mind. Since it?s not real, you can make it work for you. So before we go, I?m gonna show you how to make a weapon. To protect yourself. Like I said, it?s dangerous.


What sort of danger? Reina asked.


All sorts. The Darkness can get pretty thick. And some of us will try and hurt you. You can?t kill us, of course, but you can chase us away. That?s one of the rules. There are five of them. Would you like to know what they are?


Reina nodded warily.


Good! You?re smarter than most. Okay. She held up one chubby little hand and recited, Five rules. You can't kill us. Listen. Um?Watch your mouth. Do what you?re told. And?um?and you can't go where you're not invited. I think that?s it. If I remember any more, I?ll tell you. But I was gonna show you weapons. So watch close, okay?


Holding her hands out, she instructed, You have to think really hard. Picture it in your head and pretend you?re holding it. It works better if it?s something you?ve used. You have to remember what it feels like in your hands. She squeezed her eyes shut. Just think real hard?


With a popping noise, a Legionnaire?s sword suddenly appeared in her little fists and her eyes flew open with a soft sound of delight. See? Just like my daddy used to use. You try now.





OOC: *is so sleeeepy...crashes*

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Guest theinfamouskat

Reina shut her eyes, focusing hard. She tried to remember what the weapon was; the handle was worn smooth with use, and it wasn't very large. At least not until she--


Another popping noise and Reina looked down at her hands. A long, slender shaft of wood was there. She turned it over in her hand, shifting her grip. It snapped open to a full-length staff, then--with another shift of her fingers--it snapped shut.


The little girl clapped her hands as best she could with the Legionnaire's sword in them. Yay! You did it! She frowned a moment, turning her head to the side. What is it?


A... dai-jo, Reina thought with some considerable effort. She tried to remember more, but her head started hurting. She tried to remember her name, but she barely even managed that. What is your name? Rei...na? Color of eyes? ...blue. Color of hair? ... Age? ... Race? ... She felt a sick panic rising but she shoved it down. Religion? Place of birth? Mother's name? Father's name? Spouse's name?


Her eyes flew open at that. "Oh, Gods... Dominic..."


The girl frowned, shaking her head. There's no Dominic here, silly.


Reina looked at the little girl. "N-no, I..." She looked around the darkness. No, I... just remembered something.

The little girl's face screwed up with the effort of thought. It isn't your name, is it?


Reina thought a moment as something inside her twisted. N-no... no it isn't. She started to cry again. Gods, it's not, what is it? What it that name, why do I--


Well, if you can't even remember who you are, we should go quickly. Here, I'll take you to the one who knows you. The little girl held out her hand to Reina, smiling.


Reina swallowed hard, and put her hand in the child's. Take me to her.

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The Legionnaire?s sword dissipated into the dimness. It?ll be okay, the little girl reassured her. We?ll make it okay. You?re on the surface. You?ll probably remember more as you go deeper. There aren?t a lot of memories here. They always get pulled deeper. Maybe yours are there too. Um?this way!


The little girl led her off across the smooth floor. As they walked Reina could see that it was getting darker and darker. She found some small comfort in the fact that the floor was smooth ? nothing to trip on. She rubbed at her arm with her free hand. I?feel odd.


The little girl stopped, tilting her head to the side. Might be something going on outside. Wanna see?


Ye ? no. Not yet. Let?s go to?wherever it is we?re going first.


All right. It isn?t far.


Your eye isn?t golden anymore.


Really? The little girl reached up to touch her face. She asked excitedly, Oh, what color is it now?


Kind of a?blue. Darker than the other one.


Is it pretty?


Reina nodded.


Oh good! I?m glad! We had blue and brown once, and that was so boring. Green looks pretty. Red looks a little scary. I like it when it?s straight blue, though. It?s more like the way it used to be then.


Back?when? Reina suddenly stopped and shuddered. Something?s wrong. Something?s very wrong.


Here. The little girl helped her sit down. I?ll show you how to look outside. She walked around behind her and placed both small hands on her temples. Smiling crookedly, she murmured, Just relax. Close your eyes. Now. Without opening them, open them.


I don?t understand. What do you ? no. No. Don?t!


She screamed.

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Guest theinfamouskat

Reina wanted to stop looking, but it was like someone was holding her down, forcing her eyes open.


Moriva's body was cold against hers, fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips. His mouth was pressed so tightly to hers it hurt. She was forcing her tongue into his mouth, a decaying hollow. He was grabbing her face, murmuring and breathing low and sharp. "This body... I've waited so long to desecrate it."


She slipped a leg around his middle, offered herself to him. His hand clawed down her thigh as he shuddered and--

Reina tore away from the young girl's hands on her head, stumbling away and rounding on the little girl. She was trembling, hugging herself as she shook her head. N-no... no that's... She stared at the young girl, still staring up at her levelly. Tell me th... Tell me that's not...


The little girl only giggled.


The memory of her stomach turned and she felt sick. However she couldn't be sick, not really here, not really a true being anymore. A deep ache and she thought of Sebs. She remembered the feel of his skin, worn and scarred, remembered how his hands--two of them--had wandered her body, taken it in his hands and...


She hadn't... she would have never...


But his hands were so warm...


But Dominic...


Doesn't need to know. He's in the doorway. She was touching Sebs, blushed and wanting him to...


Wanting Moriva to...


Wanting Moriva, too...


She pounded both hands against her head, letting out a sudden cry. No, no, no! That isn't how it happened! she screamed. She started to cry, screaming her thoughts as loud as she could manage as she dissolved into hysterics. I want out! Goddamn bitch, get out of my head! I want out! She dropped to her knees, pressing her hands to her face and starting to weep.


[OOC: Ho shit. I'm worried. Reina's losing it a lot faster than I'd hoped she would. I literally tried to re-write this three times, but it all ended the same way. *cuddles Reina* And the worst part? I'm as lost as she is in this place! :afrightned:]

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OOC: Oh. My. God. Wow, you guys. Why don't we yank the heartstrings a little bit harder?


On a lighter note, Ama's avi and sig right now?


Avi: This post needs more MEN STRIPPING.

Sig: Play "Strip Risk." It's the only game in which you can say, "I've conquered Algeria, now give me your pants!"



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Shhh. Shhhh? Tiny hands touched her face. I?ll make it better. It?ll be better. For an instant, the hand felt larger than it should. Longer, more delicate. More mature. An almost intimate touch. Then the feeling was gone, and the girl was tugging at her wrist. Let?s hurry. Come on. She pointed upwards. He?s gone now. You?ll be fine.


No. No. NO. That?s not how it happened!


Are you sure? The little girl smiled at her. Are you really sure? Moriva was the one who saved me from Macgrath. He?s a very nice person. I can understand wanting to be with him. There are a lot of memories here about him. Maybe you?re just confused. She pulled at Reina?s hand again. Come on!


I can?t ? I ? I don?t want to see any more! I can?t do it!


You can. If you stay here, you?ll be eaten. The little mismatched eyes flashed. Do you want to be eaten? The Hungry Ones will find you. Then you?ll never get out. It?s too early to give up now. Her eyes filled with tears. Please? I- I don?t want you to give up now.


Wordlessly, listlessly, Reina climbed to her feet.


* * *


Hello, little one. Is this our newest child? A woman, as tall and beautiful as the first one Reina had met lay stretched out on the ground. She lifted her head as the two approached and gave them a dazzling smile. She?s lovely, isn?t she?


I found her! the little girl said proudly. I brought her, just like you asked.


The woman stood up, stretched luxuriously, and murmured, Thank you, child. Would you do me one last favor?


What is it? she asked, curious.


Take this. The woman snapped her fingers. A curl of red smoke formed above her palm. Put it where it needs to be, would you dear?


Reina swallowed, watching the smoke curl and roil. Something to it drew her ? and at the same time repulsed her greatly. What is that?


Oh, nothing important. The woman smiled as the child took it carefully from her hands and scurried off without a backwards glance. Reina felt suddenly very alone. She watched the little girl vanish into the darkness.


A long-fingered hand wrapped around her shoulder and she nearly jumped out of her skin. Ah!


I gave that to her to get her out of the way, the woman purred. She wouldn?t approve of what I plan to do to you.


Reina gripped the dai-jo tightly.


Ah, ah, ah?relax, dear one. I?m not planning on hurting you. I?m merely delaying you a little. The Child takes her duties far too seriously. But this is just a little distraction. It won?t hurt anything. You see, I have someone to see you. Several someones.


The woman waved her arm. More red smoke boiled from the ?ground? to form four figures. Seeing them, Reina yelled and stumbled backwards into the woman?s embrace. Her arms wrapped around Reina?s trembling body. Shhh?They?re all just shadows now. Don?t be afraid. They?re your lovers. They only want the best for you.


N-nooo? Reina moaned as the smoke coalesced.


The Sultana.








D-Dominic! she cried.


You remember him. Good. The woman kissed her ear. It?s not really him. He?s merely a shade conjured by your mind. As is Kamroff. Rakasha?well?she?s part of me now. She won?t touch you?unless I let her.


Reina whimpered, recoiling from the figure. Her eyes, like the others, were closed. Her face peaceful, as though she were sleeping. Reina wanted to keep an eye on her ? make sure she didn?t wake up and?and?


Her eyes unwillingly moved to Moriva. Wh-why?


Ah yes. Your newest lover. You?ll find him by far the most talented. If the most selfish. His moods? The woman waved a hand dismissively. But he wants you far more than any of the others. You were merely a toy to Rakasha and Kamroff. Dominic ? poor boy ? has seen the writing on the wall. He can no longer please you. But my dear Soren?


One long finger beckoned to the figure of Moriva. The dark eyes suddenly snapped open. The mouth curled into a seductive smile. Reina, he whispered. Come to me, Reina. I will keep you safe.

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: HO SHIT. :blink:


This will take some time. But I has three days off!!! *happy dances maniacally* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: *laughs nervously* Aha... so. Um. Kinda got away from me. That being said...


NSFW... for serious.


You've been warned. *fastens seatbelt and covers her eyes*]







Reina recoiled in one sudden movement, pitching herself backward. The woman kept a strong grip on her shoulders, a deep rich laugh bubbling in her throat as she held Reina in place, eased her forward toward the smoke figure. Reina was trembling, to frightened to offer any more of a fight. Noooo...

Why the hesitation? the voice in her ear purred, slidding one hand down her arm as her body pressed against Reina's back. Don't you see? Her other hand came up, trapping Reina with no where to back into save against her as she motioned to the first figure. The red-smoke eyes opened--golden and brilliant. Rakasha worshipped you for your body. A twist of the wrist and the second figure opened their eyes; a mute, pale brown. As did Kamroff... And Dominic...


A pair of vibrant green eyes--all jade and olive--opened. The figure remained motionless, as did they all. The woman's lips traced her shoulder, up her neck, biting her ear gently and soliciting a weak murmur from Reina as she writhed against the woman, wishing to be released. The hand grabbed her jaw. Look at him.


Reina's eyes opened, facing Dominic as a hollow turned in her stomach. The woman behind her began stroking her hair, the side of her face. Her lips were against her ear as she murmured, it has already begun to fade, hasn't it?


Wh-what? Reina gasped.


This, the woman breathed, her words hot on Reina's neck. The need for one another... the lust. He's not the man you knew those three years ago. He's changed.


Reina shook her head violently, trying again to free herself. No...


Perhaps not, the woman breathed, one hand flattening itself on her hip, pressing hard to hold her steady. But then you've changed, haven't you? Reina whimpered as the hand slid itself over the flat of her stomach, fingers fanning out on her skin. How many beds have you warmed in your absence? Can you trust he hasn't had the same warmth visiting him? Can you trust he'll still want you after he knows about your past? The woman laughed again, tracing her nose along the hollow of Reina's ear. How many hands have you had on your body since you left him? How many men that weren't him have had your mouth opened for them? Had your legs spread for them? Had you writhe and moan and...


Reina shook the woman off, but her hands were clawing into her shoulders, pulling her back against her as her hands levelled on each side of her head, squeezing until it felt like she would smash her head like a gourd. She forced her to look. He never loved you... he loved you being his. She smiled against Reina's ear, voice little more than a whisper. How could he have known you'd be so unfaithful? Poor man... maybe if you'd loved him better, he wouldn't have gone that night... he wouldn't have been hurt. This is your fault.


Reina went rigid as the red smoke figure suddenly bucked, falling to his knees as the smoke at his left side suddenly curled and vanished. He fell to the floor, grabbing his shoulder and squirming on the floor, mouth open in a soundless scream. Reina let out a sudden sob, trying to shut her eyes. The hands on her head tightened and she opened her eyes again, tears hot and salty enough to make her believe they were real running down her face. After a time, the writhing on the floor stopped and the Dominic made of red-smoke struggled to his feet, falling over once and barely catching himself before finally being able to lift himself to his feet. Reina let out a sob as the figure stepped back into line.


The green eyes closed, leaving nothing but a broken, red-smoke figurine standing in its place.


No! Reina's legs nearly gave, but the woman behind her steadied her.


He could never have made you happy, the woman murmured, the hand on Reina's stomach slipping up toward her breasts, stopping short to stroke her ribs. He was broken; unable to please you, unable to comfort and console you... unable to understand you, to protect you... to satisfy you. This one, however... A gentle hand on her chin turned her gaze to the fourth figure. Your newest lover... your most devoted lover...

Something at the back of Reina's mind twitched...




this body... I've waited so long to desecrate it...

and it was gone.


The figure before her was extending a hand to her, palm up in a gesture of welcome. Reina hardly noticed the woman behind her easing her toward him, already gravitating toward him of her own accord.


He's been waiting so long, the woman whispered. He's been so patient. She pushed the hair away from Reina's neck, suddenly as long as it had been before her arrest; before it had been cropped short with a crude knife in a prison cell. The woman's voice was low, barely audible over Reina's pulse pounding in her ears. He knows you, child... understands you. Wants you. He wants to help you forget your past sins... he wants to protect you... wants to adore you... to satisfy you...


The woman released her. Go to him.


Reina's heart was pounding, hand rising, moving her fingers towards his. The smoke was warm to the touch, constantly moving and yet solid. Her fingers slid to his palm and he closed his hand around hers, gently guiding her toward him. He moved toward her, one hand circling to her back as the other hand stroked her cheek. She leaned into his touch, let his fingers trace the shape of her mouth as she offered up a silent gasp. His fingers trailed down her spine, a hand spreading over the small of her back and pulling her hips up against his.


Reina became acutely aware that she was no longer wearing clothes--no longer wearing anything. Nor was he. His fingers traced her lips a moment more before he leaned down to capture her mouth with his own. The hand circled back to her neck, holding her to him as he slid his tongue across the corner her mouth, pushed it past her lips and teased her own tongue into motion against his. Reina moaned softly, wrapping both arms around his neck and clawing her hands through his hair. His skin was cool against her own, already flushed with desire. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered at the taste of him; rich and smokey.


He reached down to steady her as she wrapped one leg around his waist, slid his hand down her thigh. She let out a little gasp, mouth breaking from his as her whole body shuddered and arched against him, hardly noticing that he was pushing her to the ground.


Reina's head was spinning as he trailed kisses down her front, lingering at her breasts as one hand gently teased her. She moaned, deep and full. She wanted him so badly, craving him more for what he wasn't giving her. Her eyes rolled back and she closed them, clawing at the floor over her head, a bed of thick red smoke as he touched her.


He was moving again, no longer teasing but moving over her. She was still breathing hard, too dizzy to ask what was happening. A hand pulled at her hips, lifting them. He settled between her legs, eased himself forward just enough and then in one swift thrust...


Reina arched until her shoulderblades left the floor, moaning as his mouth found her breasts, nipped and licked each in turn. He moved on her with a practiced ease, drawing noises out of her that she had never known she was capable of. She was gasping out words in every tongue she knew, begging him to take her, to have her; like that, here, deeper, there, yes... yes! Oh my--


...blessing her Gods, cursing them, cursing him for making her wait, for not giving her this pleasure sooner. Her mouth opened in a silent cry, unable to make a sound as he drove her beyond edge of her senses. They were so close. Nearly...


Her eyes fluttered open, half-expecting to see him hovering over her, focused but smiling, his whole body tense with effort, brown hair damp and blinking sweat out of his green eyes. She half-expected to see his mouth open just slightly, gasp out her name, finishing her just as his body gave over to the sudden sensation of...


She stared in horror at the red smoke figure forcing himself inside of her, the face of Soren Moriva, two eyes of lifeless black staring down at her. Her stomach turned and she struggled, trying to force him off. The figure grabbed her hands, reaching up to strike him away, pinning them over her head as he ground himself against her, soliciting an unwilling cry as she arched against him. The pleasure was gone. Her head was still spinning as she fought to center herself, fought to force the man off her, to not--


She cried out to no one as a white-hot pain echoed through her bones, starting from her hips. Little echoes continued as the figure held her down, forcing itself on her even as she fought. The face began to change; Moriva, Rakasha, Kamroff, Dominic, Moriva... She writhed and struggled, the pain only lancing deeper and deeper until--




She swung out at nothing, her arm passing harmlessly through a figure of red smoke that disappeared in a suddenly curl. She didn't stay to watch it vanish, already on her feet. She was fully clothed, untouched, body unwarmed, un...


But she was running. She needed to get out of this place she needed.


Something snarled, grabbing a handful of her long hair and twisting it hard. Reina cried out, groping for the hands as they slammed her down to her knees. Ungrateful little whore! Don't you understand?! Don't you realize what has been offered to you?! Don't you see?! The hand on her head tightened, the other reaching down to cup her jaw. I will make you see.

Reina winced as the woman shoved her head down to the floor, waiting for the crack of her skull on cold stone. The floor was suddenly water, cold and dark. She was shoulder-deep, still held under even as she thrashed, fighting for air even though some little voice told her she didn't need it. She opened her eyes to the darkness, seeing what was happening. The man hovering over her, achingly handsome, covered in smoke-red and smiling, animalistic as he...


as she...


as they...

Oh God.


Underwater, she couldn't hear herself scream.

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: So true. :sad: I really worry this was a bad idea. I don't know how broke Reina's going to be... if she's going to come out of this a little crazed and sadistic, almost more like a Reina/Chayka hybrid, or if she's going to huddle in the corner and just weep all the time, or...


Well, some part of me is hoping that she'll kinda become the actual badass she's been pretending to be this whole time. At least long enough to get herself out. I'm also hoping that with a handful of familiar minds floating around in there, she'll remember who she is and what actually happened and not let Chayka's minds mess her up too bad. :sad:


One thing's for sure, I think no matter what, Dominic's going to wait for her. Sad because he's going to dump all the blame on Sebs, since he's there and not Chayka. *sigh* I don't want to consider how THAT conversation is going to go...


*evil smile* Okay, i have because it's high drama, but still! *huggles her characters*

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Guest theinfamouskat

OOC: We're probably just going to have to put a warning on this thread from now on. Damn Moriva. :sad:





He kissed her softly, simply teasing her lips with his for as long as either of them could stand. Her lips parted, and his tongue eagerly slid inside to caress hers. She felt her new body tighten with excitement as he explored her mouth, slowly becoming more and more demanding. He tasted of wine and blood and for once his lips were warm against hers?



Reina broke free of the arms that held her down in the water, suddenly struggling and tumbling through one bright abyss. She surfaced, gasping frantically for the air that wasn't there and clawing for stone or ground. She stumbled blindly as she pulled herself onto a shallow bank, fell down on all fours on the cold ground, vomiting water and coughing until her body--her non-body--felt creased and dried.


The woman from before was gone, as was the smoke and the black-stone room. She slicked her hair out of her eyes, blinking as she realized it was short again, cropped to its barest lengths that nearly began to curl down her neck. She clawed at it a moment, trying to sort her thoughts. What had she been doing? Where was she? What...


Oh God.


Reina stumbled to her feet, coughing and sputtering as she felt along the craggy wall. She was in some sort of cave, glowing dimly from the plants that crawled over the walls, the flowering blinking at her. Her steps were heavy and swayed drunkenly. "Hello?!" she screamed. She realized that the little girl had not come back and at the same moment, realized she was speaking again. With an ache growing in the back of her head, she shouted, Hello?!



She walked for sometime, occassionally cupping her hands to her mouth and calling, but there was no response. As she walked she became vaguely aware of a trembling in her legs, the dull throb pulsing between them in a sort of non-pain. She rubbed a hand across her inner thigh, hoping to massage the ache away. It only intensified.


Iris, she muttered, leaning against the wall for a moment, realizing she was breathless.




She twisted against the rough stone, grinding it into her back as the familiar warmth flooded her body. Her eyelids fluttered as her hand gripped a stone in the wall. What was this? It felt almost as though...




Her mouth opened wordlessly as her back suddenly arched. She was almost collapsed against the wall, writhing against it as her hips worked helplessly against nothing but empty air. She reached up, biting down hard on her hand to fight back a moan. How was this possible? There was no one, not a soul and yet...


A frantic whine rose in her throat and her leg twitched, dropping her to her knees to roll helplessly onto her back, trembling as she spread her legs wide to no one. Gods, I--!

"Oh my Gods?if you could feel this?"





Reina only heard the voice at the edge of her hearing, trying to call herself back to the reality. Something curled inside her and her whole body went tight. She choked back the wail into a whine, twisting on the ground and cursing herself as she moved against nothing, stroking her thighs, clawing at her skirt and writhing desperately, aching for completion from...


Hello? Hello, can you hear me?!


Reina's hand pressed to her neck with a shudder. It was like a bruise blossoming from no where, the place on her throat that drove her nearly...


She blinked frantically, aware of hands on her face, tapping her cheeks lightly. She looked up into the familiar face, body warm and quivering, unable to move fast enough to get away. Then all at once, she placed the voice in her mind.


The face smiled at her. So, I do get to see you again, she laughed lightly. Its good to see you've lasted this long... Are you hurt? No? Good to see that Mind-Blank spell didn't throw you too far...

All at once they both froze, Reina's body tightening and arching again as her eyes suddenly fluttered, mouth opening in a silent gasp. For a long moment, neither of them spoke. Neither of them moved.


?What are you??

Reina's eyes fluttered as her whole body shuddered, a white-hot moment. Yours, she breathed to no one, clawing her hands into the ground as... Oh my--


The hand tapped on her cheek again and all was normal. Wh-what? she gasped, sitting up and looking around confusedly. Her eyes settled on the woman, the same one she'd first met out on the dunes. You... you were... She looked around the cave, realized the sick dread curling in her stomach. The woman was wrapping her arms around her as she suddenly began to shake, frantic and cornered. Wh-what just happened? What's going on?

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