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Alexander "Lex" Vidk

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Name: Lex Vidk

Age: 13

World: Pokemon, Kanto Region (Yeah, I fucking went there.) Also, non-canon to the shows, more closer to the games, then anything.




Run of the mill Pokemon Trainer, started later then most kids; due to the fact that unlike everyone else, he didn't have a professor living next door. He had to go out and catch his first Pokemon by himself, using a handful of pokeballs he saved up for months. His mother didn't want him to leave, his father had left a long time ago, and ended up a Gym Leader in some obscure region outside Kanto. Suffice it to say, he blamed his father for abandoning him and his mother to survive on their own, despite the checks that came in the mail every month. So with a heavy heart, and a mind for revenge, he left on his journey, stumbling across Professor Oak at a bus stop near Pewter City.


Lex was on his way to battle the Gym Leader, Brock, with just a bad-tempered Mankey, a lazy Kakuna, and a loud-mouth Pidgey. Oak offered him a Pokedex, which he accepted readily, as well as directions to get a 'proper' starter in his lab in Pallet Town. Lex figured he'd give it a try, after he beat Brock. He and the good doctor parted ways, and Lex continued forth. He battled many a foe on his way into Pewter, heard talk of the Team Rocket Gang gathering their forces in Cerulean City, and it caught his interest, something he'd look into, as well.


The first fight with Brock ended in a loss, and Lex took some time and trained his pokemon a little further. Second time, another loss, but he almost won. Third time, he finally won, but barely. Taking pride in the badge, he called his mother up, and told her all about it, then made his way for Pallet Town. Where he ran into Oak again, and greedily accepted the Charmander that was offered to him. It was weaker then his others, but, he knew what it turned into, though to him, the creature seemed a bit softer then he wanted, but that'd change. After another trek through the Viridian Forest, a stop at the mart to pick up supplies, and some R & R along the road to Mt. Moon, he made it to Cerulean City.. or so he thought. He stopped at a Pokecenter a few clicks outside of the main city.. and ended up in the Inn.




Scrawny kid, with black messy brown-black hair falling a little to his shoulders and tied back sometimes in a pony tail. A thin face, with deep, dark blue eyes flanking either side of his still-youthful nose. His thin lips when parted reveal several off-white, sometimes even yellowed teeth with only the bare minimal of baby teeth remaining; with one or two missing at the bottom. Atop his head he sports a backwards black and white cap; with the League symbol in red. He's fairly on-average height-wise with scant baby fat and a bit of toned muscle. Slightly tanned skin, show his penchant for being outdoors alot, along with long legs giving him a sort of gangly look. He's dressed in a denim jacket, jeans, a black shirt, a blue knapsack, and leather boots with zips up the sides. With a pair of glasses resting on his nose, with thin, frame-less rectangular lenses, and a digital watch. Four pokeballs rest on his belt, connected by a magnetic hook. Around his neck a thin metal pendant in the shape of pentagram.


OOC: YOU ALL KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN EVENTUALLY! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Bow before my awesome.. AND TREMBLE!!! TREEEEMBLEEE!! But seriously.. Yeah. I fucking went there. XD

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