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Name: Daniel, currently


Race: Human


Age: Unfathomably old.


World: David Gemmell’s multiverse.


Appearance: Daniel appear to be old, how old is difficult to say, he affects the manner of the classic wizard, he has long white hair down his back and a wholly white beard which reaches almost to his waist. He has a hooked nose a hazel eyes which are more green and gold than brown. His robes are of thick green wool edged with white fox fur with a heavy leather belt doubled around his narrow waist. He wears a dark red mantle with a large hood and a cloak in the same colour. He carries a simple walking staff and a leather scrip over his shoulder under his cloak. Daniel is tall and thin, but not remarkably so.


Background: Daniel was old when Pendaric opened the Siptrassi gate to the new land which the Atlantian refugees fled to; he was old even before that. Daniel has travelled between the worlds now for longer than any recorded history can recount, even his Siptrassi enhanced memory cannot contain the annals of all his wanderings, he has begun to experience “gaps†in time, he is no longer sure what he did during the Wars of the Roses, or why he followed Culain to Ireland.


Daniel has lived long enough and seen enough to accept the Source of all Things as fact, but like many of the other immortals he has forgotten the meaning of “faithâ€, so Daniel has decided to go on one final journey – he has opened a Siptrassi gate to the Inn in order to do something he has never done before, grow truly old and die.

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