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(I'm posting this as a carrot to entice me to come properly back into the Inn - if I start updating other threads regularly and paying attention to the Main Floor, I get to play with her! Columbarius is free to yell at me about her bio (is the choice of last name sensible???) because he's responsible for the world she's from. :D )




Name: Annath Hræfndottir


Gender: Female


Race: Elf


Age: Late twenties


World: WIP; based on 4th edition D&D (though not the same "WIP based on 4E" as Sibella. That would be horrifying)


Appearance: Annath is sharp-featured, with a frame that - while muscular - naturally tends toward 'scrawny.' Her eyes are very dark blue. Her hair is black and is, as a whole, generally between mid-shoulder- and chin-length - it appears to have been cut by a blind man wielding a rusty knife. The ragged state of her hair is reflected in the rest of her appearance.


At this time, she's wearing blue-black facepaint: stylized wings on each cheek, and a line down her chin and bottom lip.


She wears fairly simple wool robes in shades of black, grey and dark blue, with a padded arming jacket underneath. Her boots are warm and very practical. Her walking staff could probably double as a nice weapon.


Occupation: Priestess and diener of the Raven Queen.



Song: Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine



Art by shutterbones - she's on the right:




...And now to bed.

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More elves. Fun. XD Have fun meeting my Pokemon Trainer, and being like "Are you a druid summoner?" XD



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