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Characters of Tyirel

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Essentially, these guys are the heroes of their own story. A group of four, questing to save Tyirel. However, That doesn't mean they're the cliche Fellowship Squad, of course. They are all doing this for various reasons, and are, in at least two of the four cases, not nice people. These characters are WIPs. Things may change. You've been warned.




Name: Lieutenant Larrus Sharoll


Age: Three and thirty years


Gender: Male


Description: From the Corwyn archipelago, Larrus Sharoll survived an assault on his fortress by a then-unknown army. He and six of his fellow survivors then fled their small island to head for Tyriel, in the hopes that the nation would be able to do something about this attack. By the time they arrived, all but Sharoll had died of their wounds, and the mainland was under attack.


A broken man, Sharoll was the leader of a squad garrisoned at Fort Llandro on the edge of the island chain. He is rumoured to have held off insurmountable odds during the battle, though no-one has yet to see any way in which he could have achieved the feats attributed to his name. In command of only ten men, he is said to have fought a force of over five hundred to a standstill at the gates to the fort, to the point where the loss of more men was deemed to be a waste for such a small gain as Fort Llandro. Despite his achievements, Sharoll has remained silent since telling the Council of the attack. It is said that he feels the loss of his men too deeply, that he holds himself responsible for their deaths because he attempted to hold the fort instead of surrendering, but this has gone without response from the lieutenant.


Islanders have always been different. It doesn't help that the Corwyn islands have been considered independent of Tyriel for as long as anyone can remember. Because of this, the Council has denied help to the islands, choosing instead to only protect its own interests now that the force from the islands has invaded.


Standing a little over 5' 8", Larrus has brown hair, deep green eyes, and a dusky complexion. He's built like a soldier, if a tad on the thin side, as befitting his role as leader of a scouting squad. Proficient with sword and bow, rumors are flying about magical abilities - how else could he have held off so many men?


He wears light leather armour, with the stylized tower representing Fort Llandro painted on the front in red. Until the assault on the fort, he had not seen much action due to the peacetime arrangements with Tyriel. The occasional skirmish with pirates or raiders are all that he can lay claim to, and even then his squad was not heavily involved in the fighting.


Since the attack, he has become silent, avoiding other people as much as possible, and occasionally disappearing into the local bookstores for hours on end. The only words he has spoken to the locals involve payment for these books and generic courtesies in the street when he nearly walks into someone, lost in himself.


Around the city, he hasn't been wearing his weapons or armour, replacing them with a simple tunic and pants, provided for him by the Council. Of the band, he is perhaps the most determined to succeed, and has the most positive values. That being said, he likely cares just as much about getting revenge as he does about saving Tyirel from conquest.


Now, he is the de facto leader of this small group, a command granted to him by the Council in `order` to aide the failing war effort. He is to find a way to defeat the army from the islands, and overthrow its ruler, a man named Valorn Hol. People have speculated that he already knew what to do, and that the Council simply delayed granting him support because they believed the invading army would not be successful. Others suspect that his research in the local bookshops was to find a solution. And still others believe the Council is merely indulging him, to get him and the rest of the group out of the city, for the safety of all.


Primary Song:




Name: Shawl


Age: Seven and Twenty years


Gender: Male


Description: Shawl is a mage. A weak mage. But he's also very clever when it comes to arranging his spells, which allows him to surprise many people with his proficiency. It was for this reason that he's been recruited now. Originally destined for a cadre, he was diverted to this band when he was set upon by his future colleagues and thrown out a window - supposedly for cheating at a dice game, but more likely because the cadre didn't want a weak mage in place of another strong one.


No-one is quite sure where Shawl hails from. He claims Foren, a fairly safe bet given its population, but when he arrived in Lorren he came alone, and no-one knew of him. He also had no coin, and only a day's worth of food. Anyone who's made the journey from Foren to Lorren knows that you plan for a much longer trip than that, mage or not.


He is a talkative man, but often stands apart from groups. This group is no different. Instead of participating in discussions, or sitting around the camp fire, he prefers to wander in the dark, or stand just out of the fire light to listen without participating. Despite this, he's integrated well with the mismatched members. Perhaps the most likable one among them, really, though is moral compass is slightly more skewed than Larrus'.


Turning up to the formation of the group in mages robes didn't earn many laughs - the first target of any engagement are the mages - and he's since been outfitted with more suitable garb. Dressed in dark brown tunic and pants, with a knee-length cloak and a small pack slung over one shoulder, he stands at 5' 11", but is slightly underfed. He has black eyes and hair, and his skin tone is a very light brown.


He's been attached to the group for magical consultation and defense, as well as his generally useful level of knowledge. Not much is known of his background, other than that he once had a mother. No mention of a father, however.


Primary Song:




Name: Arieliss


Age: Eighteen


Gender: Female


Description: The youngest member of the group by far, Ari stands out amongst the men. But in a crowd she is almost invisible, and she's better at night. Wearing a light green top and pants, she doesn't look like much of a threat, but in her spare time Ari is an assassin. She's killed often enough to be respectable, but not enough to have a reputation - her parents would be horrified if they knew what she did for a living. Her chosen profession weighs heavily on her mind, and she sees this adventure as a chance for redemption.


Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't be in this group. But she'd been employed to kill someone who was rumored to be working for the invading army - not that she had bee told this, mind - and had done a good enough job that the Council had attached her to this little endeavor. All without asking her parents or even letting her tell them. Not that she minded, it would give her a chance to get out of the city and do something she wouldn't get reprimanded for.


Ari has dark blond hair, and is in good shape - as you might expect an assassin to be, even a part-time one. She does her best to maintain the posture and facial expression of an experienced killer, but she hasn't seen enough to effectively mask her surprise at unexpected turns. She also has a bad habit of laughing at things she finds funny - and it is hard for an eighteen year old girl to laugh like an assassin should. Or at least, how she thinks an assassin should.


Seeking redemption is not an easy road, however. The lives she has taken in exchange for coin were mostly unknown to her, but even still they make her question herself when she's alone. It's part of the reason she keeps going back to the job - when she has a new target to occupy her mind, she doesn't have to worry so much about what she's done.


Ari carries several knives, ranging from stilettos to throwing knives, as well as a garrote and a rapier. The latter is in case she gets into a real fight, and to prevent people from looking for hidden weapons - a girl with a sword is odd enough that they don't look too closely otherwise. Normally she will wear plain clothes to blend in, though sometimes she will don armour for the added protection on a dangerous job.


Primary Song:





Name: Gannus Torel


Age: Eight and fifty years


Gender: Male


Description: Formerly Lord Torel, Gannus is a retired veteran of the last secession war, where Carelda, the cities united under one banner, attempted to overthrow Lorren. Not to achieve independence, like all the other 'secession wars', but to replace the democratic nation with the start of an Empire. Gannus was a front-line officer in those wars on the side of Carelda, and is by far the most experienced member of the group.


Despite his years, and history, Gannus was brought back into the army to fight for country when things started going downhill, such was his reputation during the fight for Carelda. However, the Council had significant trouble getting any commanding officers to accept him as a subordinate, so they assigned him to this attempt instead.


His age, it seems, has not changed his outlook on life. But his primary concern was and likely will always be the continent of Tyirel. Thus he is willing to try and save it now, no matter who rules or how they rule, as long as they are of the continent itself. And it should be noted, Gannus is old - the upper limit to lifespans in Tyirel is around sixty-five, assuming you don't die from disease or war, both of which mean that most live at best to around half his age during war time. The fact that he survived the secession wars at all is testament to either incredible luck or skill, and yet somehow he keeps going.


This is a man who has seen the most brutal side of humanity, who has lived through it, and who has, in his own time, committed atrocities severe enough to make him a living legend. He always got the job done, but it was often with blatant disregard for human life, and he will defend this position to the death. Since the war, he was enough of a social outcast, even in Carelda, that he had to make a living finding and killing people and things more horrible than himself. It was the only way to keep himself alive. As he has aged, he's slowly retired to a more peaceful, isolated life, but don't let his aged appearance fool you - the man is still as proficient with a sword as he ever was.


Wearing outmoded chain mail, which has obviously been repaired hundreds of times, though it is still kept well enough to shine in the sun, his appearance best summarised as tall, gaunt and grey. He has cold blue eyes, and a drawn face. He wields a plain hand-and-a-half sword, another remnant from the days of the war, and it is well worn, and notched along its length. These days it looks too large for him to carry, let alone use effectively. It is normally slung pommel-forward under his right arm, just above his waist.


Tactically, he is still one of the best minds of the era, and has a reputation enough that he doesn't need to boast of his prowess to people who still know his name. However, he shows little interest these days in much, aside from the old fire to rule the continent, and his passion to save it from invasion, newly kindled.


Finally, he holds in regard those who stand before him and fight bravely. Those who run away, or who have nothing to back their boasts or taunts, he will go out of his way to kill. In this sense, he has his own form of honour. So far he has seen little to make his companions worthy, but he will hold to them for now, in deference to prudence. He is the least popular among the group, though Arieliss holds a strange respect for him - perhaps because he, too, is doing what is right despite a past of wrongs.


Primary Song:

Blue Eyes





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