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Lauriel Sunrise

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My name is Lauriel Sunrise. I am an Angel of Serra, aspected to Grace. But I am also a Planeswalker, known to some as the Twice-Ascended; Mortal to Angel, Angel to Planeswalker. I was killed for the first time during the invasion of Dominaria by the Phyrexians, fighting to protect my plane. The second time was during the collapse of Serra's realm, only a short while later, when the Skyship Weatherlight collapsed the plane to power itself. This triggered my Planeswalker spark to ignite, allowing me to survive and escape to another plane.


Since that time, I have traveled, as Planeswalkers are wont to, and fought, and helped where I could. The Rifts, however, make me wonder at myself, what damage we Planeswalkers have caused to the multiverse...is it worth it? Is the pain we cause not against my very nature as an Angel? Questions I fear no being may ever answer. As it is with my last question: twice now I have died and become something more. What happens when I die a third time?




Age: Irrelevant. She's died twice, first at the age of 22, second time at an indeterminate age by most reckonings...it's not like Angels in Serra's Realm measure their lifespan in any defineable way. And since then, she's been a Planeswalker, so nobody really knows except how long it has been in their plane since the collapse of the Realm...and the time dilations caused by the Rifts throw that reckoning off in any case.


Gender: As with most of Serra's Angels, Lauriel was female. She's chosen to retain that appearance since Ascending into a Planeswalker.


Description: She's an Angel of Grace. Think about it. Wings. Ridiculously good looking. Slightly glowy if she's not careful. Brimming with White mana (as if she'd be anything else, as a former Angel) and with a soft voice for 'inside talk', and the Voice for shouting at demons and the like. She wears clothing/armour much like that of Reya Dawnbringer:




And in fact probably looks pretty damn similar. Let's run with that, rather than trying to describe her elsewise. Over the top of the armour, she usually wears a white monk's robe when traveling, slit at the sides for mobility and comfort. Her sword is made of Darksteel, meaning it looks kind of out-of-place when she draws it, being all black in the blade. The hilt is golden, and the sheath is dark wood. It doesn't get used much, as you might imagine.


She carries with her a shard of blue crystal, about the length of a thumb, slightly thinner than the same, around her neck. This is a remnant of Serra's Realm she managed to trap before it was absorbed by the Weatherlight.


In personality, Lauriel is gentle and warm to all who are, barring their mistakes, good. Those who are willfully evil she is somewhat colder towards, though it can be hard to tell until she summons a creature to do away with them, as they accidentally set a foot over the line and do something wrong in front of her.


She is very much a creature of Light, the fight for what is right has shaped her whole life, essentially. She's got a more detailed history, but I'll share that as time goes on. :smile:



Think that covers it for now...




^the Planeswalker symbol. 'Tis engraved on her blade. Just fyi.

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