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Visceral Moonlight

Cardinal Richelieu

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Well, here we go:


Name: Lnwargar

Alias: Cardinal Richelieu

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral: Vegetable

Age: -Ï€


Was a toaster in its past life.



Likes to liken himself to the Spanish Inquisition, he summons up pancakes with the greatest of ease. Through the stress of raising seals, he has become ever more inquisitive and even less Spanish. Thus, he lost his robe to some other undertaker.


However, he does have a hard head whose composition is unknown at this hour.


It was with his former pet, his faithful index card, that he was able to make it through the pancake summoning. The index card saved him from the ravenous pancakes.


As a result, there is no telling how his brain came out. No telling.

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Added deaths_soul to Inn Regulars... only because we don't have an Inn Irregulars group.

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