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This Forum - Inactive Characters

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This forum is for all presently inactive characters. But don't worry! You can revive your character at any time by using them again!


Characters that qualify for placement here are ones:


- whose author has not posted in a while


- who have not been in the Inn or an Adventure for a substantial amount of time


- who have been unused while in the Inn or an Adventure for a substantial amount of time


- whose author has requested their placement into this category


- who have been official 'killed' in-story (future appearances are presumed to be only in vignettes)


- who have not yet been introduced to the Inn, but have old bio entries


- who are intended for only sporadic use (equivalent to author request)




Characters will have their bio removed from this section when:


- an author requests it


- an author begins using a character regularly again


- resurrection of the character occurs (in the case of dead characters)


- characters become more permanent (if they were originally placed here due to being 'minor'/sporadic use)


- when an author returns and states intention to resume using their old characters (but does not specify which)


- an author officially retires from the Inn



In the above cases, a bio will either be deleted (by request or upon author retirement), or replaced in the parent Character Bio forum.




This is to ensure that relevant, active bios are easier to find, while also preventing the loss of character bios which may yet return to prominence. It is easier to revive a character if you have a reference. Returning authors can always edit the bio if significant changes are being made, or simply request a deletion.


Thanks for playing! :biggrin:

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