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Yeah, I'm gonna give The Inn another shot. I'm having DnD withdrawals, so this might help. XD


Name: Volothamp (Volo)


Description of how you look: Normally Volo looks like a young human male, around 20 years old. His hair is light brown, and mostly unkempt, although he keeps it trimmed to around his ears most of the time. He has no beard and never seems to shave or have a beard growing, either. His eyes are brown with stripes of gold. He wears well-made traveling clothes that are light brown. He also wears a red amulet that looks normal, except you catch glimpses of what look like tendrils of shadow that play out from the amulet out of the corner of your eye.


Age: Appears to be 19-20, is actually closer to 100.


Race: Lich/Human


Gender: Male


Stuff: Volo is a master of all schools of magic, except conjuration. He sucks at conjuration. (I can do this, right?) You also never ever want to give him a sword, he'll probably chop his foot off. He is also incredibly clumsy when in human form, something about wearing skin just throws off his sense of self.


World: Some weird mix of the Forgotten Realms and Oblivion.

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