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Thomas Kaira

Tom Dantes

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Name: Tom Dantes

World: Tyria (Hailing from Kryta)

Race: Human

Description: A Veteran Thief with a knack for mischief and mayhem. He has traveled the world and beyond and seen and done many things that will become the stuff of legends. He has braved dungeons full of colossal reptiles with a voracious appetite for man-flesh, and he has destroyed many a dragon minion over the course of his many adventures. He has also befriended many others, including a certain Asura with a knack for exploding things (though he always tends to lose their detonation games for some reason. He says it's his lack of proper ordnance, and has often fancied grabbing a Charrzooka to even the odds a bit). He is also quite proud of his black-and-white color scheme on his clothing (much to other's chagrin).


But now, he seeks to relax, have a drink, and take a break from that demanding world. Thus he finds himself in The Inn. But don't let his fragile exterior fool you, he is well accomplished at drinking games. In fact, his profession occasionally demands them.

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