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Name: Firis

Age: Unknown

Type: Human (?)



He has travelled through space for eons, along with various Universes, aimlessly ever since his home Universe blinked out of existence. In the process, the bursts of energy caused interesting side effects, such as extreme longevity and, to an extent, bend matter to his will. It is limited to changing the current state as opposed to creation or destruction.


For his travels, he has chosen a technologically advanced ship, but is too large to do much on an entity’s surface. For personal protection, he uses a fancy wrist watch that includes radar, barometer, and shielding functionality. However, the shields are primarily good for protecting against energy bursts.


As for appearance, he’s a little over average height and possesses black eyes. His head hair is generally unkempt due to not having a barber shop on the ship, as is his facial hair. He is partial to black coats, not for any particular reason, and generic pants.


For his personality, he is generally considered a loner, his usual company being that of his chatty computer system aboard the ship, but is not against being around other beings. He is very logical in his thought process but is also not opposed to pulling out a blaster and using it if the time calls for it. He is also very resourceful, which has been a useful trait in his travels.

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