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Leoak Fletcher

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Name: Leoak Fletcher

Age: 14 (12 1/2, as he ages 1/5 slower then humans)

Race: Half-Elf

World: DnD - Greyhawk Setting 2nd Edition AD&D

Occupation: Hesitant Adventurer, and 4th level Thief



Notes: Not really planning to make him a major Inn character, but I figure the best way to develop the concept is to play him in a setting where I can examine his thoughts in a way that's not over-voice chat and awkward when I play DnD.


Description: Light sandy brown hair falls loosely about this young man's face, parting to the sides to frame his thin features. His dark eyes peer out from deep-set sockets, on a high cheekbones, with a pair of thin, light blonde eyebrows sweeping upwards at the corners just slightly above his eyes. His face is thin, gradually filling out as he proceeds through puberty, with a thin nose, and a pair of full lips that when parted reveal several off-white teeth, and a rounded chin. His features appear rather elven, at a glance, though further inspection shows that the general shape, and size gives away to his human-side, his ears are large, and pointed, but just slightly so. His skin is fair, bearing the slightest of tans as if he were one for outdoorsy activites, with little to no blemish marring his skin, just the occasional scar. He's lean, with thin shoulders that taper outwards into long, slender arms, each with five spindly fingers that appear slightly calloused. His build is slightly tree-like, with his limbs, long, giving him a gangly appearance about him. From a glance, and due to his elvish looks, he appears somewhere in his preteens, but further inspection places him in his early-teens, around thirteen, or fourteen years old.


General Info: He's a farmboy, turned rogue after being kidnapped by pirates. And escaping an island about to be blown up by an angry goddess with a group of would-be adventurers. They escaped using a stolen, though extremely valuable vessel that was kept in a hidden cave beneath a manor-house. They ended up in a place called  Saltmarsh, where they uncovered a smuggler plot. They bravely attacked a pirate ship, and took on the entire crew, barely escaping with their lives, however, two of their allies were cut down in the midst of battle.  They returned to Saltmarsh, where he happened upon the Inn by chance, going into the local Inn in search of a meal.

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