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Leidrich Darkspanner

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Name: Chaf'leider'ichspan

Core Name: Leidrich Darkspanner

Race: Chiss

Age: 28

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, and Champion of the Great Hunt

World: Star Wars: The Old Republic


He's a Bounty Hunter, born out of less-then-humble beginnings to a rich Chiss family with deep connections to the political ties of the Chiss Ascendency. Though when the Sith Empire re-emerged into the Galaxy, there was nothing but politics politics politics. And he wanted out of that. So he left and changed his name. He took the first spaceship out of Chiss Space, and made his start doing merc work for some minor crimelords until he was contacted by Braden, a retired hunter who was looking for a way into the Great Hunt. He met with Leidrich, and saw potential in the young Chiss, and planted stories of glory and fame into his mind. Leidrich was then brought to Nal Hutta, to gain a sponsorship with Nem'ro the Hutt.


However, Braden's shoot to fame, was cut short when another competitor in the Great Hunt, Tarro Blood, brutally murdered him and left Leidrich to pick up the pieces. Eventually, Leidrich did gain his sponsorship and joined the Great Hunt, with his now-partner, Mako, a slicer girl that Braden raised off the streets of Nar Shaddaa. Soon the Great Hunt began, and Leidrich was right up there in the frontlines, taking bounty after bounty, and caught up with Tarro Blood, who he killed, on the ship while hunting the Jedi Master Killian Jarro.


It was then, the title of Champion of the Great Hunt was bestowed upon Leidrich, and he was called before Mandalore the Vindicated, to serve as his champion on a 'council' of sorts, with other Great Hunt winners. All who take jobs from the notorious Blacklist, a special list accessible only to the greatest of Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.


So now Leidrich takes various different jobs, that take him all across the galaxy...


OOC: Yes. More ToR Characters. I think I have an addiction. >.>

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