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Star Trek: Discovery is awesome. They had a surprising plot twist last week. They are bordering on the annoying resurrection syndrome* though. :mad:

*That’s the comic book thing where nobody stays dead.*

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2 hours ago, Visceral Moonlight said:

The Zodiac Age typical runs for $50 on Steam, but those who purchase it from now until February 8 will get it for $40

Not as generous as most on the Games on Sale, but cool all the same!

1 hour ago, Visceral Moonlight said:

The bastards at the networks just replaced my station that played classic science fiction with a channel that only shows annoying shows like The Partridge Family and Jeannie. The bastards! Now what am I going to watch on television? :(

We're lucky even to get them over here. Mostly bombarded by commercials and infomercials- but dread the day when they start re-running the old reality shows.

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Star Trek 2009 was screened over here. A kind of a bim bam biffo fratty patchwork reboot lacking the gentle touch of the original, but the plot held everything altogether, almost. The quality of production and performances certainly entertained.

The attempt at light relief with Keenser was laughable.


The other one was better. :D


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As an "action adventure" it ticked all the boxes but the whole affair was formulaic- with a bit of this & that thrown in for good measure- a little spit & polish on the screenplay and dialog might have sorted the duration issue.

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Okay, here's something I never understood: how does the Death Star travel through space? Unlike the other ships, there aren't any visible thrusters. In addition, wouldn't its sheer size render it unable to go through asteroid fields and meteor shows, severely limiting where it can even go?

Also, why the hell do they wait until it's gone around orbit to destroy the rebel base? This thing can blow up planets, couldn't they have just blown up the planet instead? In doing so, the moon would have been caught in the shockwave and followed.

Also, why does the exhaust pipe even exist where it can cause the entire thing to go boom...?

And why is there a serpent living in their trash?

And the serpent in the asteroid? How does that thing even survive there? Is it a space whale?

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