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The exhaust vent is explained, don't recall any other of VM's queries being explained though.


The designs for the Death Star were drawn up by someone being forced against his will to produce a planet destroying weapon. He intentionally designed this weakness and had the designs sent to Princess Leia so that they would know how to blow up the Death Star. She then hides the plans in R2D2 and launches him in an escape pod to Tatooine when Vader captures her ship.


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Mine aren't, they're too thick. I could have bigger displays if they were physically the same size but the bezel was 5mm instead of 2.5cm

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On 2018-02-04 at 7:38 AM, Schtearn said:

Star Trek 2009 was screened over here. A kind of a bim bam biffo fratty patchwork reboot lacking the gentle touch of the original, but the plot held everything altogether, almost. The quality of production and performances certainly entertained.

The attempt at light relief with Keenser was laughable.


The other one was better. :D


I refrained from replying to this because I decided to see if anybody had seen any of the new movies. Sadly it appears not. See the new ones, they're awesome, other than the first one. :D

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