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[ETW] - How to activate an emergent port or town (UPDATED startpos.esf)

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum

You can easy do it by using EasyEsf.

I though that it should be useful minor factions like Hannover be able to have activated the available emerged port, in the beginning of the campaign or a second naval port in cases like Denmark, Sweden, etc.

In this tutorial we shall activate the cuxhaven port in Hannover region.


All the credits should go to demis14 for his great mod where he first used this method. Also to Just for his EsfEditor, without it nothing could be done.

Bugs: There are no bugs

With the latest EsfEditor open startpos.esf and go to:


The last REGION_SLOT_ARRAY/REGION_SLOT record is (Hannover, the 50th from the last up) port cuxhaven. Click on the REGION_SLOT of cuxhaven port and in the right window change these entries:

9th line------> True
8th line------> A number between 1-5. No matter what. Let's enter 1.

Extend the tree so you can see the sub directories. Now, find the record of an existing port of another region. The second REGIONS_ARRAY record over Hannover is New England. As before in Hannover go in New England's REGION_SLOT_ARRAY and find the record for plymouth port (9th REGION_SLOT_ARRAY). Extend the tree so you can see the sub directories. As you can see plymouth port has more subdirectories which we need to copy in cuxhaven port. Need to be a little careful where you click paste. Just follow exactly the instructions and everything should be fine:

Right clik on BUILDING under REGION_SLOT (plymouth) /BUILDING_MANAGER/, copy, right click on BUILDING_MANAGER under REGION_SLOT (cuxhaven) and paste. Right click on REGION_RECRUITMENT_MANAGER of plymouth, copy, right clik on REGION_SLOT of cuxhaven and paste. Right click on PORT_GARRISON_MANAGER of plymouth, copy, right click on REGION_SLOT of cuxhaven and paste. So far you must have the same directories under the REGION_SLOT of the two ports. We don't need anything more from plymouth port.

Now, on BUILDING_MANAGER of cuxhaven change the first entry in the right window to True. In the BUILDING under BUILDING_MANAGER change the second line from trading_port to shipyard if you wish to have a naval port, or live it as it is for trade port. Under that change the type of government (gov_absolute_monarchy). In REGION_RECRUITMENT_MANAGER change the last digits of the 9 figure number of the second line, e.g. 704348899. Keep a note of BUILDING_SLOT ID in REGION_SLOT_ARRAY/REGION_SLOT 1st line (here is 696910052).

There is a change to be done yet in CAI_BUILDING_SLOT of the port or else an exiting crush will be occurred. For this change we need to know the CAI_SETTLEMENT ID for Hannover which can be found here in the first spoiler. For new startpos (1.3) plus 1 in the number you see in the list. Hanover is 2359+1=2360.

Or open startpos and go in CAMPAIGN_ENVCAMPAIGN_MODELCAI_INTERFACECAI_WORLDCAI_WORLD_REGIONS and find your region (it is in the same order as in regions.esf). Now go further in CAI_WORLD_REGIONS CAI_ REGIONS and note the CAI_SETTLEMENT Id in 3rd line.

In CAMPAIN_STARTPOS/CAMPAIGN_ENV/CAMPAIN_MODEL/CAI_INTERFACE/CAI_WORLD/CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOTS/ every CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOTS ID has a number that is close to the number of the CAI_SETTLEMENT where it belongs. If you expand one and then click in CAI_BUILDING_SLOT you can see in the right window in the first line the BUILDING_SLOT ID, in the second a code for the type of the building (for ports should always be 3), and the CAI_SETTLEMENT ID that belongs to. So in my case I am searching for the CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOTS records with the closest numbers in 2360. Expanding every near record and clicking on CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOTSCAI_BUILDING_SLOT I found that CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOT :2365, is the one I need. It has the right BUILDING_SLOT ID 696910052 in first line, 3 in the second and 2365 in the third.

Now, in CAI_WORLD_BUILDING_SLOT change 0 to 1 in 11th line.

In similar way you can activate also emerged towns if you want more income in the beginning of the campaign. Hope this tutorial be a useful one.

Please note that I cannot answer any question you may have about this tutorial, so I suggest that you post your questions here.  Also all downloads (attachments, mods, tools etc) on TWC requires registration except for external links e.g Mediafire.
All pictures in this tutorial can be found in this tutorial gallery.

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