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Total Pictured War

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Almost every TES games has a separate screenshot thread, so I thought why not have a thread for every Total War games. :)


I'm playing Russia in the Coalition campaign with DarthMod Napoleon 2.65 Epic Edition, but I also play the Peninsula campaign with the Napoleon Total Combat mod and those pictures will I post later.


2013 11 01 00002

2013 11 01 00003

2013 11 01 00004

2013 11 01 00005

2013 11 01 00006


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Right now I'm playing the Empire Total Factions mod in the early campaign as Russia.  The pictures is taken during an epic sea battle earlier today there I was outnumbered in ships, but I had more guns than the enemy.


2014 01 02 00001

2014 01 02 00002

2014 01 02 00003

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I wanted to post some pictures of my current campaign as Sweden in HusserlTW's excellent ETF mod, but no not this time instead I found pictures from an epic sea battle I played in my previous Russian campaign earlier this year and I think I haven't posted them yet.


2014 03 26 00004

My enemy in this sea battle is Venice.  Before a battle has started the game will always show the forces of both the attacker and the defender.
Also note that Venice has reinforcements at there disposal and the small tabs indicates what armies/fleets each side has if any.

2014 03 26 00005

One of my ships had a direct hit into the gun powder hence the explosion.

2014 03 26 00006

A close observation of a damaged enemy ship.

2014 03 26 00007

I regrouping my fleet and plan to defeat Venice into submission by either make a ship surrender or have them destroyed by an explosion from a direct hit.

2014 03 26 00008

I have the won the battle.  VICTORY!!!


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Here is some pictures from Napoleon TW in the Peninsular Campaign.


2014 10 22 00007

2014 10 22 00008

I fought enemy trading ships and at the same time I also boarded 1-2 ship, which surrendered after a hard fight.

2014 10 23 00011

2014 10 23 00012

My light infantry have captured a house in a city/town.

2014 10 25 00008

Poor enemy general who challenge its destiny and got killed when I hit him with my howitzer.

2014 10 25 00009

As you can see this routed artillery drag a cannon all a way and hope to escape death.  No they did not and my cavalry hunted them down.

2014 10 26 00014

On the main battle field.

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Last night I had an epic battle and I took a couple of pictures.


2014 11 14 00001

Have just fire my first round from the artillery and this picture shows the landscape on the battlefield.

2014 11 14 00002

I have deployed a few units of infantry in front of my artillery, which proves to have a strategic importance.

2014 11 14 00004

2014 11 14 00005

2014 11 14 00006

2014 11 14 00007

Later in the battle after I killed the enemy general, my grenadier throw grenades upon the enemy and had the result I hoped for.

2014 11 14 00008

Now can nothing goes wrong and this happen before I had a decisive victory.

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Finally, now can I take in-game pictures from my absolute favorite TW game, Medieval Total War including the Viking Invasion.


An unit of Celtic Warrior has 100 men (game default unit size).


2015 07 24 00001

I'm playing the Vikings and on the small Ocades island a battle took place.

2015 07 24 00002

As you can see the enemy was either captured or killed, no one manage to escape.

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During a battle I had this evening I notice that my ally Austria was chasing an enemy towards to my battle line, but after I took these pictures I realized what's missing in the Warscape game engine for newer Total War games.


2015 11 15 00004


What's missing are three things:


1. Doesn't have pathgrids

2. Doesn't have collision for obstacles

3. Lacking an intelligent BAI (BAI stands for Battle AI)



I wonder what reason is behind why the AI deployed an ally army shown as a big X in the picture. :blink:


2015 11 15 00002

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It has been a while since I posted pictures from my current campaigns in TW games.



I took these picture yesterday when figuring it out how am I supposed to get rid of the German crusade that has been circulating in my southern regions shown in this picture.


2016 02 26 00001

As you can see the German crusade are too weak to attack the next turn and this has go on for about 10- 15 turns, which means 10-15 years since one turn is one year in-game.

2016 02 26 00002

At last the citadel is finally being built the next turn.

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Recently, I started a new campaign (early campaign) in ETF and this time I choose to play Great Britain for the first time, so I thought to post some pictures I took in-game.


20160517163513 1

Have just started to bombard the rebels with a howitzer from a safe distance.

20160517163848 1

This guy tried to hide himself behind a pole, but eventually he was killed and I capture the region.

20160525010044 1

This picture and the next one show you what the rank fire drill is all about.  First rank is firing.

20160525010050 1

The third rank is firing while the others is standing on their knees, just to avoid of being killed by enemy fire.

20160512230939 1

In this battle I was outnumbered with both men and artillery, but since I deployed my army on a defensive hill I could use my artillery to full effect and win the battle.

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