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      Second IP obtained. The issues with IPv6 have also been fixed, but we can't switch to HTTPS until we switch forum software. We can't switch to HTTPS without a current license with IPS.

To-do list

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[*]Assess the current state of the islands, and look for any obvious bugs or issues that need fixing at this stage.

[*]Examine the main quest and find out how much of it has been completed.

[*]Look through the island interiors and find out it any dungeons or NPCs for the main quest have not yet been implemented.

[*]Complete the main quest.

[*]Decide how many (if any) side quests should be included.

[*]Implement a playlist for the Valenwood OST by Solar Rain.

[*]Write Valenwood-specific dialogue for the NPCs general discussion (not quest-related).

[*]Try to identify any modders' resources which could be used to enhance the mod (eg. unique armor for the Bosmer).

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